19.1 Status & General Updates

Strive to become better. Don’t let someone or something else do the work for you. It’s the little things in life that will make you become a more successful individual


Quote of the day:

" Strive to become better. Don’t let someone or something else do the work for you. It’s the little things in life that will make you become a more successful individual "



I rarely use APPR myself, and when I do, I usually fly manually down from 500 ft. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to grease when the visibility is 0 SM 🤷‍♂️


🤷🏼‍♂️Not so sidetrack any further but this is something that we all should focus on in our personal lives.

Charging CR3W’s PayPal $10 for my service… pending


You are absolutely correct. Depth perception is wicked in instances like this.


PayPal? Never heard of it

When you did a feature request and it gets implemented 😄


This is why I have a really really bad feeling about that feature

could ruin part of my IF experience especially at KSJC

Everything else looks fine but that feature really worries me


I saw people complaining about the gate restrictions.
Then why not make it active on TS and ES only?
Casual is Casual, and we can break any limits here… So it’ll be logical to don’t have it on Casual.


A330 series

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I’m just assuming

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well facebook said the TAM 777-300ER is coming in

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It is, it’s one of the new livers added on the 777 fleet.

It will be a great update! I appreciate all the efforts the development team has made to improve the simulator. It’s not all about bringing new or reworked planes. Sometimes you need performance updates. To me personally 3D-buildings are not important at all. Some cloud layers would be nice but we can also fly without them. And about the planes… we’ll what they have in mind and when they will release them to us. Keep up the good work Infinite Flight Team and happy landings!


Hey Jason. Consider a nice new Aer Lingus livery for the aircraft😉


You’re barking up the wrong tree with me. I’m not a developer, I don’t make these decisions, and you should post a feature request instead of making them here :)


Hmm. I Hope a suggestion doesnt hurt your feelings. Didnt like the rude answer though. There’s many polite ways to say the same thing :(


Nothing rude about it. Just stating facts and I even used a :) This serves as a great reminder to keep feature requests in the proper category.


For those unfamiliar with the current updates the developers are working currently, let me summarise the whole update in a nutshell, this update should bring most of these features. This may not include South America scenery.

General fixes to the A330, also with additional Autoland (APPR), flaps and change to the physics.

Found on : Airbus A330 Rework - #3250

Multiplayer Replay update, which allows all pilots replay their _whole_ flight.

Found on : 19.1 Status & General Updates

Multiplayer Replay update, which allows all IFATC controllers replay their controlling of airports on the expert server.

Found on: Multiplayer Replay Update

Airport Navigation Scenery Update, which includes updates to lots of airports around the world. However, this feature is already present in Infinite Flight, so it is not an addition to the update.

Found on: New Scenery Update

Lastly, Jason revealed a great suprise for us in regards of additional liveries on their social media page.

Found on : 19.1 Status & General Updates - #325

Slight note, the situation of the South American scenery is currently unknown. It will be done some time, I hope!

Found on: End of Year Scenery Update


i mean when will this update come?

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When we feel it’s ready. No dates are ever announced in advance as a lot of things can change during development and bug corrections.