19.1 Status & General Updates

Hello, Infinite Flight Pilots!

As winter (hopefully) starts to loosen its grip on those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we thought it would be a great time to update you on a few things, as well as give you a bit of a look into some future planning.


We’re getting excited for this update while we put finishing touches on it and finish up some bug testing and development work. We’ll be breaking from tradition momentarily here by pushing an update that doesn’t contain any aircraft, aircraft features, or liveries. Fear not though, because we do have several aircraft in development. No, I’m not going to share what those are just yet. Please bear with us as we get 19.1 released and put through its paces!

19.1 will feature Multiplayer (Live) Replay for ATC as you know. We can also now confirm that live replay for pilots will also come in this release! And all the pilots rejoiced. We had to wait until now to confirm this 100% since we didn’t want an unfinished product to prevent us from releasing something that was indeed otherwise ready to ship. I’ll be working on another social media teaser or two before launch that will showcase the pilot side of Live Replay. Note: this new version of live replay will also replace solo mode replay, so you won’t have a replay time limit anymore.

K, what else? Seriously, no airplanes?

From time to time, we have to work on things that are a little less exciting, but needed. 19.1 will also contain a few of these things, such as a new way to download aircraft and liveries. Instead of your device needing to store all aircraft and liveries just to fly it once, we’ll download only what’s needed, seamlessly so you hardly notice. I’ll go more in-depth with this in our release announcement at a later date. A gate size restriction feature is making its way into this update, and we’ll also push some other optimizations and bug fixes. More details coming.

Aircraft are in the works! We currently have 3 aircraft in development that should all be released over the course of this year. One of them may slide into 2020 pending some development challenges, but we have a cool plan to keep you in the loop on this. More details on that later! 👀

2019 Expos & Events

If you’re wondering where to find us this year in person, look no further! We’ll be exhibiting this year at FlightSimExpo in Orlando, Florida (tickets here ↗︎). We’re also very excited to be exhibiting for the first time at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin! This is the meca of all things aviation and this year’s theme is the 50th anniversary of the mighty queen of the skies, the Boeing 747. You can get tickets and information about the event here. Be sure to stop by if you’re in attendance. We’ll be in the Epic Aircraft Exhibit Hangar C all week long. For our UK friends, Flight Sim Show 2019 is happening over a 2 day period this year, however calls for exhibitors haven’t gone out yet. We’ll keep you in the loop to confirm whether or not Infinite Flight will be there.

Next on the blog

Lately, there has been a lot of community discussion around how subscription dollars are spent and how that applies to feature requests. I have replied to these concerns a lot publicly and privately, but my goal over the next few months is to illustrate this more over a series of blog articles. If you’re new to the blog, a good starting point is the article Work and Rework, where I’ve gone into some detail explaining why we make some of the decisions we do. In future articles, I’ll go into more detail to explain how we stream our data, and development challenges we face when met with the challenges our users request of us. If you’re a techy and want to know exactly how things are rendered in Infinite Flight and what challenges the developers face in doing this, we’ll have a post for you too! Curious to know why clouds and buildings don’t exist yet in the sim? We’ll cover that too.

In closing, I’d like to encourage everyone to stay as positive as they can on the forum. We truly value your feedback, and we’re much more excited to read and consider it when it’s done in a kind way! In addition to that, thank-you to our community moderators who work around the clock as volunteers to keep our forum organized. Props to these amazing people!

I’ll be back with more, but until then, happy landings!


OMG new update


Yeah! Excited for this!
Wonder wat the new planes are 👀


Looking great! Thank you for everything you and the devs do… i’m really looking forward to seeing all the amazing products that are put forward!

Also looking forward to seeing the team at Flight Sim Expo 😄


You guys are amazing…I hope the days of watching 747 at the GA ramps are done

Cant wait to replay some flights and get some awesome shots📸


Anyone else get excited when he wrote “several aircraft in development”


Some informations…


Thanks so much for giving us some info! Cannot wait for live replay! The gate restriction will also very much help for planning events and starting flights in general! Will these restrictions only come out to certain airports, or the main big ones?


You guys truly do amazing work infinite flight and we appreciate everything you guys do to make the game exiting💪✈😁IF Family✈😁🌍



Newww airplanes yessss


What else to say. Thank you Jason and the Development team and keep up the great work! Also to mention they won’t share any information to the next aircraft update progress. I am not sure if this is good or not but we’ll see how it will look like!

Hope to see any further news and can’t wait for the update to roll in!


Awesomeness! The amount of work you all do is incredible, take your time I love a product that is fully complete and enjoyable! Thank You for these updates about the updates much appreciated!

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Thanks for the support! These gate/parking restrictions will be present at all airports! 🙂


Yes! That is awesome! That will help a lot. :)


This is awesome! Looking forward to this update! Can’t wait :D

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Thank you so much! Really looking forward to this!


Gate restrictions is an amazing addition. Must have taken a while as well if every airport will have it.


Excellent work as usual! Super excited for the update!


Just out of curiosity, does that mean (for example) that there will be only 1 parking space available for the A380 at MMMX? Sorry to be so specific!


Thank you So Much Developers! This next update is going to be amazing! A real game changer. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and do some spotting!

3 new aircraft this year! My heart just skipped a beat!