19.1 Graphics Issue


Still me, didn’t change. It only work with rendering max but then my tablet goes slower than an 99 year old lady


Might have to stick on those settings then. Try to mess around and find a high combination but smooth enough for your liking


Ok, such a shame tho, before it worked with texture grapich max and render low it was perfect, now…


I am flying on “Ludicrous”, is that good or bad?


If your running it smoothly, your good for the most part. Keep in mind that’s the max settings.


It’s fine if you have a good enough device. I have an iPad Pro with that setting and high texture quality and it runs perfect


I play on the Google Pixel 3XL. This phone was practically made for IF


put your texture on medium and the rending at “good”

my tablet is android 6 and with those settings my flight didn’t lag at all during approach and landing at Dubai Airport,.


“Ludicrous” means highest quality, with device native resolution and 4x Antialiasing


Awesome! Good to know, it made the plane and scenery look so real.


Is there a way to have higher resolution but turn antialiasing off?


Not at the moment.

We will continue gathering reports of performance issues over the next few days and will look for a fix.