[19.1 Event - Completed] Airbus A330 Landing Competition @ LFBO - 172000ZMAR19 || Powered By LiveFlight

Update 19.1 Has Buttered! Will You?

When? Sunday, March 17, 2019 8:00 PM - 2000Z

Where? LFBO [Toulouse-Blagnac Airport] - Expert Server


*Bold = New Liveries with 19.1 Update
All A330 Aircraft can be used for this landing competition

Etihad Cargo Turkish Airlines Cargo UPS
Aeroflot Air Asia X Air Canada Airbus industrie Cathay Pacific China Airlines
Delta Airlines Egypt Air Factory Garuda Indonesia Korean Airlines Lufthansa
SAS Singapore South African Srilankan Airlines Thai International WOW Air

How Will You Be Graded?

You will be graded on 5 things - Everything is out of 10

Graded Aspect of Landing Maximum Points
Centerline - How centered your aircraft is with the center of the runway 10 Points
Touchdown Zone - The portion of the runway, beyond the threshold. 10 Points
Flare - also referred to as the round out, is a maneuver or stage during the landing of an aircraft. In the flare, the nose of the plane is raised, slowing the descent rate, and the proper attitude is set for touchdown. 10 Points
Overall Appearance while touching down - Are you bobbing up and down? Did you bounce? That’s all points off! ;) 10 Points
Don’t act like an Idiot & Maintain Spacing Easy 10 Points

This will be added up and the total score will then be divided by 5 to get your final score.

NOTE - Autopilot will not be tolerated


Please spawn in at Airbus’s Headquarters at the “Airbus South Parking’s” for a fun memorable landing competition! After we spawn in we will taxi to runway 32L/14R and utilize unicom to takeoff and remain in the pattern. You will then proceed to takeoff and enter downwind. From there, you will extend downwind to your better judgement and turn into base at your discretion. Each pilot will get a maximum of 2 Go Around’s/Touch and Goes [2 Touch and Goes with 1 Final Landing]. After you land, please taxi back to the gates and watch the other landings and at participate in a IFC Screenshot Session/Contest.

Spawn Point’s @ LFBO

Parking Spot Pilot Callsign Livery
South Parking A01 @WestJet737767 C-VJKG Air Canada
South Parking A02 @Frankfurt05 LH1099 Lufthansa
South Parking A03 @OC212 NSV001 Lufthansa [Nonstop Virtual]
South Parking A04
South Parking A05
South Parking A06C
South Parking A07
South Parking A09 @Balloonchaser BCHASER Airbus industrie
South Parking B01 @simopoint NSV1603S Lufthansa [Nonstop Virtual]
South Parking B02 @Scott.Cooper I F A E Euro Factory
South Parking B03 @MrMrMan N4EM Airbus industrie
South Parking B04 @DeltaA319Fan-TSATC Delta 163 Heavy Delta Airlines
South Parking B05 @Capt.SkyWalker NSV006 Lufthansa [Nonstop Virtual]
South Parking B06 @EllepPel PS0320 Heavy SAS
South Parking B07 @Gussy.03 CNBS1 Singapore Airlines
South Parking B08 @Blind NSV0202B Lufthansa [Nonstop Virtual]
South Parking B09 @The_Geniusman GENIUS Air Canada
South Parking B10 @Harish_Kumar1 CSN347 Airbus industrie
South Parking B11 @Piazza C-PIA22A WOW Airlines
South Parking B13 @EdgyEugene N256E Garuda Indonesia
South Parking B15 @anon82246052 JAKE WOW Airlines
South Parking B17 @IF_Aviation1 IFA1 Delta Airlines
South Parking B19 @Grady_Herbert N20GH Egypt Air
South Parking B22 @Andre_S Jetspeed100 SAS
South Parking B23 @Tegar_Kusuma IPP T w o Garuda Indonesia

More Gates Available

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, & yes. Get me a gate! N4EM. I’ll be in the A333 in the Airbus livery. :)


Okie Dokie! South Parking B03 is all yours!


NSV006 A333 Lufthansa Livery :-)

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CNBS1 A333 Singapore Airlines, Please


I should be able to make this, and if I do you all will lose 😉.


Sign me up. C-PIAZZA in the WOW! livery. I’ll give it my best landing!

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Sign me up: Garuda IndonesiaN256E, any gate!
One question: What time does the event end at?

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Roger! South Parking B05 is all yours!

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Doger Roger! South Parking B07 is yours!

South Parking B09 is yours. What will your callsign be and what livery?

WOW! Great to see you coming! South Parking B11 is yours ;)


South Parking B13 is yours.

This event ends roughly an hour after the start time (Whenever everyone finishes up their 2 patterns and final graded landing)

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I’ll join! Callsign will be JAKE

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Thanks for hosting!

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What livery will you be flying?

Air France

Give me Delta.Any gate

Roger. South Parking B15 is yours! Now which A330 Livery would you like to fly with? There is no Air France livery with the A330.

Oh, I will take WOW Air then.

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