19.1 ATC Commands

Can anyone tell me new ATC commands ?

This is what I know…


what does expedite altitude change means?

This means you should faster descend/ascend

Like MaciMDpl said, ATC is asking you to increase your vertical speed to something steeper to get up or down. They don’t want you to lollygag getting up to a specified altitude. It doesn’t mean you need to climb at 5000ft/min but if you were at 1500ft/min maybe increase it to 3000ft/min.


It was put there because when people weren’t descending fast enough, “expedite” alone made them think they should fly faster, which is the opposite of helpful. So now it’s more clear that you need to descend faster (if you want to reach intercept altitude in time, for example).

That wrong runway command is great addition, always having pilots line up against the wrong parallel runway on the training server!


There is also, a button which bookmarks a specific time in your replay.


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