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I think i posted something like this a couple months ago i’m not too sure though. Anyways my dad told me he would take me anywhere in the US to fly since I don’t drive and I don’t wanna get a car. Only problem is there’s too much to choose from. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to any New York airports because my mom and sister would wanna go, Orlando because we will be going in August and Hawaii. The main trip is for me to be able to get to 3-4 new airports and check out a new airline or 2. My home airport is LAX (Los Angeles) so I think I have a pretty good departing place. So far I have came up with these: Los Angeles to Atlanta. Have a long layover to check out the Delta Museum. Fly out of Atlanta and head to Chicago O’hare and spend the night in the hotel that overlooks the airport. Then fly home the next day out of O’hare. I know it’s a lot but my dad recently got a new job and wants to spoil me i guess you could say. So! If I could get some help on some routes and places to check out that would be great! :D Thanks!!

Reminder, My Birthday is September 30. My dad said we could leave on a Friday Morning or Night and come home on Sunday. Thanks guys!!


So just a quick tip for flying out of the LA area, I live there btw so yes ik things, depends where u live but i would recommend flying out of Long Beach if you are close to it for a domestic flight, depends where your going tho. Long Beach is a smaller airport so it is a much easier time.


I would say Orange County to Atlanta as they have a non stop flight. And it’s much more calm unlike LAX.

If you wanna go through SLC which also is a recommendation I’d do SLC. SLC has a nice new terminal.


I think you might like Tulsa too. They have an air and space museum close to the airport which has a retired American MD80. It also talks about both airports in Tulsa and their history. I would also check out Boston. It’s a nice place especially with its rich history and Harvard University tour.

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If you spend the night in ATL stay in a runway facing room at the Renaissance. Your balcony will be up against the runway and you’ll have a view over the whole airport. Perfect for spotting


El Monte, CA would be a dope spot to fly out of…. shoot even Burbank or Van Nuys.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!! I will keep you guys updated as time goes on

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One that could be fun, depending on budget/airlines you want to fly on you could do a lot. Here’s my recommendation.

LAX/SNA/LGB/ONT - ATL with a stop in SLC for as long as possible. You can try to get on a widebody (likely a 767) from SLC to ATL. You could go through DEN too, thats a great airport.

Stay the night at the renaissance ATL airport. The rooms are right on the north runway and truly an amazing experience. Go to the Delta museum of course, and block out some good time for it. Truly the most fun ive ever had in a museum, ive been 3 times and have a hard time leaving every time.

Then fly ATL-ORD and chill there. To get home I would try to go through like SEA or SFO or LAS. That would be cool.

Picture from my room in ATL (2020):

(RIP DL 772)

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All I can say is that the Hilton in the airport has some nice runway view rooms. They are specially labeled as runway view. Here is a pic I got from there. Sorry for the bad quality. It was taken on my old iPhone SE

The rooms overlooks a few passenger ramps, the cargo ramp and two of the parallel runways on the south side

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