18OCT20 / 1700Z - Edge of the World Flyout @OERK

Welcome to the Flyout Event!!

@MAFiA, @Captainflight & @Axeno presents the Edge of the World Flyout…

Sponsored by Saudia Virtual - IFSA {VO}


The Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Flyout from King Khaled International Airport to various destinations across the globe!

About Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

About King Khaled International Airport

Things Riyadh is Famous for…

Riyadh (aka Ar Riyad), is the Capital of Saudi Arabia! It is located in the largest Arabian Peninsular & is home to 5 million people. With around 4,000 mosques all around the capital, it makes Riyadh one of the largest Muslim Populated City in the World. Home to the Holy Grand of Two Mosques (Makkah & Medinah - Al-Haram), it serves around 7-8 Million Muslims every year during the annual Hajj. Saudi Arabian Airlines plays a major role in bringing as well as returning back the passengers to & from all around the world for the annual pilgrimage.

Date & Time: 2020-10-18T17:00:00Z


Gates & Charts

Saudia Domestic Gates
Gates Aircraft Destinations Flight Time Pilot NOTAMS
Gate E20 A319 Jeddah - OEJN 01:40 @Pingu
Gate E21 A319 Dammam - OEDF 01:00
Gate E22 A319 Medina - OEMA 01:35
Gate E23 A319 Taif - OETF 01:30 @Alexian61
Gate E24 A319 Buraydah - OEGS 00:55
Gate E34 A319 Abha - OEAB 01:40
Gate E33 A319 Tabuk - OETB 02:10
Gate E32 A319 Jizan - OEGN 01:50
Gate E31 A319 Hail - OEHL 01:15 @GameBoy_KIRB
Gate E30 A319 Neom - OENN 02:10
Saudia International Gates
Gates Aircraft Destinations Flight Time Pilot NOTAMS
Gate 05W B789 Kuwait - OKBK 01:00 @Jose_Alejand_Medrano
Gate 04W B789 Dubai - OMDB 01:15 @Mateo_CD
Gate 013 B789 Mumbai - VABB 04:05
Gate 014 B789 New Delhi - VIDP 04:30
Gate 015 B789 Bangalore - VOBL 04:35
Gate 016 B789 Lucknow - VILK 04:50
Gate 017 B789 Calicut - VOCL 04:50
Gate 022 B789 Cochin - VOCI 04:53
Gate 023 B789 Chennai - VOMM 05:00
Gate 024 B789 Karachi - OPKC 03:05
Gate 025 B789 Dhaka - VGHS 05:40
Gate 026 B789 Istanbul - LTFM 04:15
Gate 032 B789 Frankfurt - EDDF 06:35
Gate 033 B789 Paris - LFPG 06:15
Gate 034 B789 London - EGLL 07:00
Gate 036 B789 Athens - LGAV 04:00 @nairobispotter11
Saudia {Beta Version} Gates
Gates Aircraft Destinations Flight Time Pilot NOTAMS
Gate 09E B77W New York - KJFK 13:25 Beta Version
Gate 08E B77W Washington - KIAD 13:50 Beta Version
Gate 07E B77W Zhongchuan - ZLLL 09:20 Beta Version
Gate 01W B77W Xiamen - ZSAM 08:30 Beta Version
Gate 02W B77W Guangzhou - ZGGG 08:15 @MAFiA Beta Version
Gate 03W B77W Manila - RPLL 09:40 Beta Version
Gate 04E B77W Kuala Lampur - WMKK 07:55 Beta Version
Gate 03E B77W Singapore - WSSS 08:00 Beta Version
Gate 02E B77W Jakarta - WIII 09:10 Beta Version
Gate 01E B77W Sydney - YSSY 14:40 @IF-Mallorca Beta Version
Other International Gates
Gates Livery Aircraft Destinations Flight time Pilot NOTAMS
Gate 511 British Airways B772 London - EGLL 7:05 @Andres_Arevalo
Gate 510 Etihad Airways A321 Abu Dhabi - OMAA 1:50
Gate 509 Emirates B77W Dubai - OMDB 2:00 @DeltaFox
Gate 508 Air India A321 New Delhi - VIDP 4:30
Gate 507 IndiGo A320 Mumbai - VABB 4:05
Gate 506 Ethiopian Airlines B788 Addis Ababa - HAAB 3:25 @mariomartinsancho
Gate 505 Lufthansa A330 Frankfurt - EDDF 6:05
Gate 504 United B772 New York - KJFK 13:25
Gate E25 Biman Airlines B788 Dhaka - VGHS 5:40
Gate E26 Royal Air Maroc B788 Casablanca - GMMN 7:30



  1. Pilots are advised to strictly abide by the UNICOM or ATC rules (if available).

  2. Maintain atleast 15nm distance between two aircraft while taking-off, cruising & landing!

3 The server will be Expert server

Event Partners

Saudia Virtual - IFSA

Thank you, Much Love & Peace…!!


Nice event! I’ll take the Beta flight to Kuala Lumpur. 😊


Lmao that Title is so flat-earth friendly 😂

Great Event guys!


Thank you for signing up @Pingu


Actually, there is this place called Edge of the World in Riyadh which is the last photo in the thread!! And it’s beautiful… 😍


Very beautiful 😍


شكرا لك يا صديق
أتمنى أن أراكم جميعاً إن شاء الله


Welcome to my Home ✈️🇸🇦🇸🇦


wow i’m coming😍


بالطبع عزيزي كابتن 😍


Ok everyone! You can start requesting for gates & my event host will love to add you up to your respective gates…
Thank you 😊

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Well I want to fly flight with my friends at the same time


Can I take that please?


Gate 04W B789 Dubai - OMDB 01:15, please!

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Would you like the B77W from emirates to OMDB? @DeltaFox

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Well unfortunately this is a flyout event, but we will make sure to host a group event soon!! 😊

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sure why not.


Were would you like to go we could try giving you a region.

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Okay sure thank you my friend Captain

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