18NOV23 / 1800Z-2000Z - IAGVA 7 years Heathrow Fly-in

IAGVA 7 Years Heathrow Fly-in 2023 - 18th November @ 1800Z to 2000Z

Experience the heart of our 7th year birthday with IAGVA’s London Heathrow Fly-in.

We will be flying all 4 of IAGVA’s airlines.

Istanbul to London Heathrow

BA689 - A320/A321 - 03:25

Madrid to London Heathrow

IB3180 - A321/A330-300/A350-900 - 02:05

Dublin to London Heathrow

EI184 - A320/A321/A330-300 - 01:00

Barcelona to London Heathrow

VY9811 - A320 - 01:45

Any IFATC member that is interested in providing their services please let us know.


Ground -
Tower -
Approach -
Center -


For this event, there will be 4 specific time-slots for partner virtual airlines to Arrive at Heathrow.
They are listed below, this is to ensure organisation and not to overwhelm IFATC!



  • Please be respectful of all pilots and controllers during the event - it will be busy expect delays

  • We expect pilots to follow all SIDs and STARs to maintain separation. We recommend programming in the appropriate in-game procedures but be prepared for vectors from radar control when traversing their airspace.

  • Please ensure to follow the correct taxi procedures

  • If you spawn into a gate and someone else is on top of you, please de-spawn and find another gate or wait for a gate to become available.

About International Airlines Virtual Group (IAGVA)

Welcome to a Virtual Airline brought to you by IAGVA dedicated to replicating the professionalism and grandeur of the 4 Airlines compromising the International Airlines group; known for more than 100 years of history, diverse fleet and for flying more people to more places than any other airline.

As a well-respected Virtual Airline, and one of the earliest VAs to form seven years ago, we boast a large pilot base, partnerships with numerous other VAs, and years of experience in running a successful VA. Our friendly staff members make IAGVA an exciting and welcoming environment to further your love of flight, and with our regular events, weekly featured routes and Career Challenge there’s never a dull moment when flying with us.

| IAGVA Thread | Link |
| IAGVA Website | Link |

Open Recruitment Weekend

We’d like as many pilots to be able to experience the magic of our anniversary events as possible - and that’s why we’ve decided to hold an Open Recruitment Weekend over our anniversary weekend - opening up IAGVA to everyone in this community, and thus improving accessibility.

Those who apply to IAGVA between 2023-11-17T00:00:00Z2023-11-19T23:00:00Z who meet our usual entry requirements can join British Airways VA without having to undertake any formal written test! All other entry requirements and restrictions still apply.

We can’t wait to welcome more and more pilots into our wonderful online community over the weekend, and really highlight to them why we have been one of the leading virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community for so long.

Apply Now

Minimum requirements to apply are as follows:
  • Minimum Age: 13 years old
  • IF Grade: Grade 3 or higher
  • Minimum Flight Time: 100 hours
  • Violation-to-Landing Ratio: Less than 0.3
  • Level 2 and 3 violations: Max two (2) within the last year.
  • IFC Account: Have a valid Infinite Flight Community account
  • IF Subscription: Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

Website | Apply | IFC

International Airlines Virtual Group 2023


Looks awesome

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Looks great! I’ll fly in from Sydney.

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Looking forward to seeing you.


Events Manager, International Airlines Group Virtual

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We are still looking for some fabulous ATC to staff our frequencies. If you are interested let me know!

Deputy Events Manager

Awaiting the practical exam for re-entry into IFATC. Once im in, I’ll happily cover tower and ground!


im definitely staffing ground, tower, and atis for this.

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Only a few hours away from our fly-in starting!

We welcome you to fly our featured routes at your own leisure and arrive within the 2 hour time window for maximum traffic!

damn 14 hour flight just for the game to crash on approach