18NOV20 / 1230Z Europe to Chicago, crossing the pond @EBBR-KORD


  • Aircraft and Livery: United Airlines, Boeing 787-10

  • Route: Brussels, Belgium to Chicago, Illinois | EBBR-KORD

  • Time of Departure: 9:30 Eastern Time, 6:30 Western Time, 1230ZULU

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information:

Please spawn in on Terminal B, should be any gate from 212 to 237 or so. Please copy my fpl when you spawn in. I will be United 973 heavy. My gate will be 217L so please do not take mine. Spawn next to me. Also this is Expert Server.

Cruising Mack- .85-.86
Cruising Alt- FL360-400 (MSL)
Runway depart- 25R
Arrive runway- either 10C or 28C

Looking forward to having you here! Thanks so much! Nolan

Ironically I’m doing that flight right now but the opposite route

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I’ll come Nolan

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Thanks so much! I appreciate you coming! I will also be making a timeLapse out of this video, so I’ll give you a shout out and all.

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Haha, lol, happy landing!

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Thanks nolan so much. I’ll have to start making videos.

Almost ready to spawn?

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I’m already in. Getting setup

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Thanks for shouting me out. I’ll make a video of the departure and arrival tomorrow

Oh ok I’m coming

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Yea ofc! Thanks for joining!

Roger, so you there!

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