18NOV20 / 0600Z - Flight from the City of Lights @ OPKC to OPLA

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 777-200LR (Pakistan International Airlines livery)

  • Route: OPKC - OPLA (1hr 40mn)

  • Time of Departure: Wednesday, 18th November 2020 @ 0600z

  • Server: Training

Hello there,

As defined by the #live:groupflights category rules, a group flight must take place within three hours of being posted. In addition, the title originally posted was incorrectly formatted (which @lucaviness has kindly fixed for you). I’ve linked the category rules below so you can get a better understanding for next time. Thanks!

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Edit: seems as if you’re rescheduling to within three hours, is this accurate?

Thank you @Thunderbolt