18NOV20 / 0215Z [CANCELLED] - An African Trans-Atlantic @DNMM - KATL

  • Aircraft and Livery:Delta A330-300

  • Route: Lagos (DNMM) - Atlanta (KATL)

  • Time of Departure: 1615Z I don’t know if that’s right so feel free to correct me

  • Server: Training Server

  • **Additional Information:**We will be at the E gates in Lagos. I will be at E55. This flight leaves at 9:15EST as I said above please correct me if my Zulu is wrong. I will have the flight plan ready when you spawn. I encourage you to spawn in 5 minutes prior. Thank you for reading this even if you can’t come. Have fun😊

Hey there!

1615Z has passed. What’s the time in your time zone of the flight

Can you tell me the correct Zulu?

Ok. Can you answer this

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7:15 MST . Vgjvho

Sorry I had to type those letter to get 10 spaces filled

Ok. The correct Zulu time is 0215Z

Here’s a time converter

Thanks a lot

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Come on let’s get at least one signup!

@plane_guy12, I already did that route on my return to St. Louis. DNMM-KATL with the Delta A330-300

Ok, thanks for letting me know @Udeme_Ekpo

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