18MAY24: Grand Guadalajara Flyout!

I’ll take the fedex flight to memphis please



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You may have noticed your gate assignments have been REMOVED - this is because the Grand Guadalajara Flyout is now a FEATURED EVENT, thanks to @Dan ! The official tag should be added shortly (potentially not until morning in the UK). Hope to see you there!


Guadalajara is coming up soon!

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Can’t wait! I’m joining this

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sadly this is not in my timezone :(

Thx @Mort 10 (Characters)

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Wow, it’s so crazy seeing the tag! Congrats @Mort, proud of ya. Hope I can come!

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Hey! Is there still a spot for me?

Why expert server? I didn’t reach level 3…

To keep things professional…

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This is a featured community event, so no gate assignments or limit on how many can join.

That is the standard most events follow (there are definitely exceptions).

Volaris to SAT please?

There are no gate assignments, so feel free to go anywhere you wish.

Is this starting now?

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Starts at: 2024-05-18T15:00:00Z

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Yeah, that’s what I thought, I got a notification that it was starting.

Same, I have no idea why it is saying that it is starting this early

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Can I join?

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Yea anyone can join. Are you grade 3?

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