18MAY21/1800Z - Poprad-Tatry IFATC Takeover [FINISHED]

Welcome to the Poprad-Tatry IFATC Takeover!

IFATC members will staff the following frequencies from 2021-05-18T18:00:00Z to 2021-05-18T20:00:00Z on the Expert server:

Join us at the highest located airport in Central Europe and enjoy the beautiful approach next to the High Tatras with full ATC service!


Scheduled routes:

  • London Luton (EGGW), Wizz Air A320/A321, flight time 2 hours
  • Riga (EVRA), Air Baltic Dash 8, flight time 1:50 hour

Wizz Air Virtual pilots will get a 1.5x multiplier for flying into or out of Poprad! If you’re interested in joining and discovering more stunning airports like this, you can learn more about the VA here: Wizzair Virtual | Wizz Through The Skies | Official Thread

More routes

Charter routes:

  • Burgas (LBBG), flight time 1:35h
  • Antalya (LTAI), flight time 2:20h
  • Podgorica (LYPG), flight time 1:20h

Historic routes:

  • Tel Aviv (LLBG), flight time 3:15h
  • Tirana (LATI), flight time 1:30h
  • Kiev (UKBB), flight time 1:15h
  • Warsaw (EPWA), flight time 50 minutes

Future routes:

  • Bratislava (LZIB), flight time 35 minutes
  • Prague (LKPR), flight time 55 minutes


Runway 27 in use.
The largest aircraft allowed into Poprad is the B767.
Please tune into tower before starting up the engines, so if needed the controller can ask you to hold position due to the airport layout.

Departure procedures:

Request departure from the gate with your engines running and ready to go, tower will either give you a:

  • Hold position command (you should stay parked at your gate awaiting further instructions)
  • Or a continue taxi command (you should taxi to the runway and hold short)

Expect a takeoff clearence prior to reaching the hold short bar. Depart as quickly as possible.

Arrival procedures:

Land normally and backtaxi the runway as quickly as possible.
Leave the runway and taxi to the gates expeditiously.

*Center acting as approach - what to expect?

Due to the absense of an approach frequency at LZTT, the Bratislava Center controller will provide approach service to LZTT. Once you’re below FL180, you can request an approach normally like if you were on approach frequency and the controller will provide you with vectors to final.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Really hoping to see some of you there as it’s a sublime approach 😍


You’ll see me! 😍

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Can’t wait!

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Great post with awesome graphics and details,hoping to see a lot of people enjoying this approach!

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Can’t wait for this! I’ll be flying from Warsaw.

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Thanks everyone! We’re opening in 4 hours, hope to see you all at Poprad!

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All ATC frequencies at Poprad-Tatry are opening in 1 hour, you can start your flights!

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I’m delayed but leaving eggw now ✈️

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Fantastic idea and a great looking event! I’ll have to try and clear some time so I’m able to fly in.

Thanks for organizing this!


We are now open for at least two hours 😍


great flight from Luton ✈️


Thanks for ATC guys! It was very good service, as expected from IFATC!

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We’re closed, thank you all for coming and we hope to see you next time!


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