18MAY20 / 1815Z - Flying to One Of the Most Dangerous Airports in the World @ PANC-VHHX

Sure! Where would you like to be ATC and what would you like to be controlling?

@Neman_Rahmani you are set with Ramp 05 and @Earl_Martindale you are good to go with Ramp 04 👌🏼👌🏼

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You can’t because you can only post 6 events per month


My dude, I found a fix for this. This is the 8th event in a row. Have a friend post it for you.

can you sign me up ? Thx

Hey @Spencer_Clark, nice Event but you need to change the topic from General to Live, Events ;)
And yes @Alexander_Nikitin is right about the 6 events per month.


I can PANC ATC Ground and Tower, I am pretty good at ATC and still trying to build up experience once I try out for IFATC

In-flight Comms

Sign me up last minute if you can?

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Pilots and controllers, please start spawning into your gates.
@Hardlanding_Hussain @Hardlanding_Hussain @Spencer_Clark @Earl_Martindale @Neman_Rahmani @GPilot118 @Yan07
@That_Guy14 please take NCR 07


Sign me up

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No need, you can take NCR 08 @Nathan_LaRoche

This livery is gorgeous!

the aircraft is better, love the 747

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@GPilot118 will you be controlling at PANC?

@Yan07 change your callsign

thank you.

@Michael811 are you gonna spawn?

Sorry guys I’ll be 1 hour so delay, I’m cooking pizza for the family


SCENERY ALERT right after takeoff
Also, what a legend @Earl_Martindale

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