18MAY20 / 0430Z - Project sunrise @ KJFK-YSSY

Today we will attempt the worlds longest passenger flight ever completed project sunrise. Project sunrise is a flight from New York’s JFK international airport to Sydney, Australia. The flight is about 20 hours long. Are you ready to embark on this long journey. You do not need to stay for the whole flight to join.


  • Aircraft and Livery : Qantas 787
  • Route : To be released in PM
  • Time of Departure : 2020-05-19T04:30:00Z
  • Server : Training so that we can get ATC

Gate 30: @Delta18
Gate 32: @AviationFreak
Gate 34: @ran
Gate 36:
Gate 38:

  • Additional Information: Please spawn in ten minutes early.
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Wow this is very tempting


I would join if it’s not on training

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But that ATC and Long Haul combo do be tempting

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It’s on training so that I can request ATC

I just controlled EGLL earlier today for fun… not intreasted in flying in that disaster

Can I work ATC at YSSY for the experience?

Maybe there’s a possibility that we can get ATC at JFK

On expert not likely but talk to the IFATC

After ATC I will join you @Delta18

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I’ll just be a bit behind

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They are not allowed to otherwise this would be on expert

Ok your gate 32

Ight I’ll be there

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Who needs ATC I’ll hook y’all up


Thank you can you do JFK and YSSY?

Roger I can do JFK when do u guys land in Sydney

Im not sure but around 20 hours after departure

Questionable at Sydney I’ll follow up with u on that later but I’ll control JFK

Ok sounds good would you like me to add you to the PM