18MAY20 / 0310Z - Finnair Group Flight @ FACT-EFHK

  • Aircraft and Livery: Finnair A350-900

  • Route: FACT-EFHK

  • Time of Departure: 16:10 Zulu

  • Server: Expert

  • Gates: Spawn at Gates A03 A04 AO5 AO6 AO7. For Overflow take the remote stands behind there.

  • Participants: @Infinite_Pro

  • **Flight Info: MACH.85 16 hours ish of fuel. FL320 Cruise for the whole flight. Copy my flight plan.
    Map of the runways and taxiways:
    Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 6.41.05 PM

You’re guide to Helsinki!
View of the terminal:

More pics:

Aerial View Of The Terminal:

Aerial View Of Runway 33:
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 6.59.57 PM
Finnair Is the largest operator at Helsinki.
All Pics Come From wikipedia. (Link)
You’re guide to FACT!
Runway Map:
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 7.23.30 PM

This thread was rushed so yeah

All pics come from wikipedia (Link)

See You There!

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I am calm…

3:10 PM ZULU @Thunderbolt

My title somewhat screwed itself up idk why it doesn’t except caps but yeah…

Well, according to the rules, it must be within 3 hours of posting. Is there a way you could change the time or make this in #live:events?

this is today! lol

For you, it’s still today. For Zulu time, it’s already the 18th of May, 7 hours ahead of you in British Columbia :)

1610Z is in approximately 13 hours.

ohhhh! Ok well yeah. sorry bout that.

So it would be 18MAY20/1000Z but that is more than three hours. Maybe #live:events like @Thunderbolt said?

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We depart in 20 MINS!

How many times lol!!!

Ok, let me fix it for you then :)

Have fun!

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Here is the correct format

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thanks! I plan on hosting a flyout.

How long will the flight be?

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about 11 hours.

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This is in 10 minutes correct?

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