18MAR22/ 0400Z Late Night At Louisville @KSDF

Summary: Welcome to Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport named after famous heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Louisville Kentucky is home to the UPS world port which ships millions of packages all over the world. Louisville Kentucky is located right along the Ohio River and is a charming mid-American city.

Server: Expert

Event Type: Flyout

Airport: KSDF Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Time: 0400-Zulu (23:00 EST)
Event details

  • ICAO codes in parentheses are designated fuel stops along the way to final dest. example RKSI(PANC)
  • I am Not responsible for violations given by ATC
  • If ATC is not Present please use the Unicom in a professional manner.
  • PM or reply For ATC sign up

Photo credit Inside Louisville's UPS Worldport - AeroSavvy

Gates-Pasenger Only
Gate Airline Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
B02 Southwest KBWI B737-700/800
B04 Southwest KMDW B737-700/800
B05 Southwest KMCO B737-700/800
B06 Southwest KLAS B737-700/800
B16 United Express KORD CRJ-700
B18 United KIAH B737
B19 Delta KATL B738
B17 Delta Conection KMSP CRJ-900
B11 American Eagle KORD CRJ-700
B09 Delta Conection KDTW CRJ-700
B05 American KCLT B738
Gates-Cargo Only
Cargo Airline Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
102 UPS Airlines KJFK MD-11F
104 UPS Airlines KMHT MD-11F
106 UPS Airlines KPHL MD-11F
108 UPS Airlines PANC MD-11F
110 UPS Airlines KRFD MD-11F
112 UPS Airlines KCLE B752 Generic
214 UPS Airlines KLCK B752 Generic
302 UPS Airlines KPHX MD-11F
304 UPS Airlines KLAS MD-11F
306 UPS Airlines KDEN B763 Generic
308 UPS Airlines KSLC B763 Generic
310 UPS Airlines KDTW B763 Generic
312 UPS Airlines PDX MD-11F
501 UPS Airlines KBWI B763 Generic
503 UPS Airlines KMIA B763 Generic
505 UPS Airlines KROC B752 Generic
507 UPS Airlines KPWM B752 Generic
509 UPS Airlines KBOS B763 Generic
912 UPS Airlines RJAA(PANC) B748
1111 UPS Airlines PHNL B748
1109 UPS Airlines PANC B748
1107 UPS Airlines OMDB B748
1105 UPS Airlines EDDK B748
1103 UPS Airlines EGNX B748
1101 UPS Airlines RKSI(PANC) B748

Hey could I please have that flight?

Will take this

What?! A party at our house and we weren’t invited? We’ll be sure to let our pilots know about this event!

Feel free to promote it go ahead sorry I forgot about you and your pilots

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Are you going to sign us up or?

Yes I sign people up in groups of 5

Oh ok I guess.

So I limit how many times the post will be edited

Good statement

I’ll take this one.

Hi all, feel free to choose any gate changed to first come first served no assignments necessary but feel free to do so.

can I get gate 104 cargo ups airlines

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