18MAR21/ 2300Z Spring Break is Almost Here! @ KAJO


Lake Havasu City (KHII) is a very popular destination for many people who live in Southern California with a boat. This is why we will be fling from KAJO (My home airport) to Lake Havasu together today!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any light aircraft

  • Route: KAJO-KHII

  • Time of Departure: 2300Z 2021-03-18T23:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

Hello Everyone
I have not been as active as usual for a long time, but that’s gonna change. I didn’t have a subscription and couldn’t keep on hosting events for a while. I can assure everyone that that will not be happening again and I am coming back as a new me. I look forward to being here more again!

Now onto the flight! In the recent update two of my favorite airports in the world got updated. KAJO (Corona) is my home airport so I am definitely excited for this one. KHII (Lake Havasu City) is a small town I spend most of summer because of their lake. I have flown between these airports many times so I am very happy to see this in IF. That’s why I wanted to share this with everyone to see if anyone finds a new airport they like!


Flight Plan

Will post in a few.


Not really any. Just use Unicom and be respectful. Most importantly have fun!


Wow, only locals know about the GA airports in SoCal. It’s kinda sad that everyone just goes to LAX 😂
I’ll fly if I am able to!

Cool. Hopefully I can see you there.
SoCal definitely has some cool small airports that get looked over. A GA day in SoCal could be really cool!

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That’d be a cool schedule
Just realized I can’t fly, sorry.

Ok I understand

I’m down! I’ll fly the Citation X (because I haven’t flown it in ages) :)

KAJO can’t handle a CCX because the runways is only 3000ft. TBMs can fly out of there

Shoot I just saw the light aircraft part, oops lol. I’ll do the TBM or 172.

Im gonna fly a 172 so your call

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I’ll fly a 172 with you.


See ya in a little while!

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1 Hour Away!

Darn! I just started a flight to Sao Paulo that’ll land an hour after.

Great to see you having a groupflight from Corona, have a really fun flight!

Thank you! I appreciate you doing the airport. Let me know if you wanna fly out of Corona soon

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I’m spawning in near runway 25 at the tie downs as N456DX

What’s the flight time?

A little under 2 hours

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I’ll join! In a Cessna

Sweet! Everyone who joins just copy my FPL when I’m finished

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