18MAR2023 | Queenstown Flyout | NZQN

NZQN welcome

Welcome to Queenstown!

Queenstown is city on the south island of New Zealand and is home to an airport with one of the most interesting and beautiful approaches in the world. Queenstown airport serves domestic and Australian flights. It has terminal and two crossing runways. It serves passenger traffic only.

Flight Information:
When: 18th March, 2023 at 1600Z
Where: NZQN
Server: Training Server

Gates and ATC are available below:

Terminal Stands
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
R1A Stewart Island(NZRC) Private 2 C208 0:40
R1 Milford Sound(NZMF) Private 2 C208 0:15
R2 Christchurch(NZCH) Air New Zealand A320 0:55
R3 Wellington(NZWN) Air New Zealand A320 1:20
R4 Auckland(NZAA) Air New Zealand A320 @Ryan_Carney 1:45
R5 Cairns(YBCS) Qantas B737-800 @United403 4:00
R6 Sydney(YSSY) Qantas B737-800 3:10
R7 Gold Coast(YBCG) JetStar A320 3:30
R8 Melbourne(YMML) Virgin Australia B737-800 3:20
GA Apron
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Tie-Down 1 Available GA
Tie-Down 2 Available GA
Grass 1-1 Available GA
Grass 1-2 Available GA
Grass 1-3 Available GA
Grass 1-4 Available GA
Grass 1-5 Available GA
Grass 1-6 Available GA
Grass 1-7 Available GA
Grass 1-8 Available GA
Grass 2-1 Available GA
Grass 2-2 Available GA
Grass 2-3 Available GA
Grass 2-4 Available GA

Tower: @Butter575
New Zealand Center:
Auckland Oceanic Center:

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  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
    *Pattern work allowed
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!

I’ll take this

Here is another addition to my NZ streak. This is a smaller and more simple flyout event however I’m sure it will still be very enjoyable!

Also, Pattern work will be allowed if people want to practice their landings and enjoy the awesome approach into the airport.

thank you Butter!

Can I get this… But to Adelaide

yeah sure, I’ll take a look at the info and I’ll update the flight

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Done, got you signed up. Thanks for joining!

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Can I have this my good friend

You may have that

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Can I change my destination to Cairns
Also consider this a bump

I’ll change it up for you

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Event Bump!