18JUN23| 1600Z | The Low Sint Marteen Flyout

Hello everyone! Join me and my great friends @United403 and @EastTexasAviationYT as we fill up The Caribbean island of Sint Marteen.

Server: Expert
Airport: TNCM
Date: June 18th, 2023

A Gates

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A01 Delta 757-200 Atlanta
A02 KLM A330-300 Amsterdam
A03 Generic A330 Paris
A04 JetBlue A321 Boston

B Gates

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
B01 Westjet 737-800 Toronto
B02 Delta 757-200 New York
B03 American 737-800 Miami
B04 Air Canada A321 Toronto
B05 Westjet 737-800 Ottawa

C Gates

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
C01 Silver Q400 San Juan
C02 Caribbean 737-800 Kingston
C03 American A319 Miami
C04 American A319 Miami
C05 United 737-700 Washington
C07 American A319 New York
C08 United 737-700 Chicago
C09 United 737-700 Newark
C10 Spirit A320 Fort Lauderdale

E Gates

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
E01 Winair C208 Saba
E02 Winair C208 St. Barthelemy
E03 Winair C208 Beef Island
E04 Winair C208 Antigua
E05 Winair C208 Port-Au-Prince
E06 St. Barth Commuter C208 St. Barthelemy
E07 St. Barth Commuter C208 St. Barthelemy
Private Gates
  1. |@Rastko_Roza|CL35|Miami||
  2. |@dipliodoncus |CL35|Nice||
  3. | @YT_Sniegutizzz|CL35|Teterboro
  4. | @NonStopPopFM|CL35| Boca Raton
  5. | @United403|CL35|Sion

San Juan Center:

  1. If IFATC is not present, please use Unicom correctly.
  2. Follow all IFATC instructions if they are present.
  3. Me and the hosts of this Flyout are NOT at any time held accountable for any Level 1, 2 or 3 Violations that happens during this event, this should be investigated by @appeals
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This please! 🙏🏼

Of course!

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angry united noises

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same as @TruKnight

i am good at outsmarting people

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This one please

okay yea sure

Press going if you’re gonna go.

Hehe. Sorry 🙊😹

You all shall be signed up.

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@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek nevermind i cant go
this is the day i leave to japan for 11 days


locked in please

Roger that

Please and thanks!

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And you’re signed up!

Air France flies here from Paris in a a330-200 but since that’s not in the game the a350 will work

I’ll take this one please!

I’m hoping for everyone who attends this sake, that Sint Maarten is not on the ATC Schedule on this day - otherwise SXM will be completely overrun…

I unfortunately can’t attend myself but have fun!

Let’s get some signups