18JUN22 / 1600Z - The Air Force Flyout @ KVAD

The Air Force Flyout


Hi everyone! With the success of my first event, I thought I would do another event, just a different type of event.

Drumroll please. πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

Since I’ve not seen this type of flyout before I would like to introduce to you, The Air Force Flyout, featuring military aircraft and military airports! The Flyout will be held at KVAD, or Moody Air Force Base. Gates are listed below as well as the event details.

Read more about Moody Air Force Base: Moody Air Force Base - Wikipedia


Event Details

Sever - Expert
Airport - KVAD
Event Time - Saturday, June 18, 2022 4:00 PM β†’ Saturday, June 18, 2022 5:00 PM


Freighter Routes - 8 Gates remaining
Gate Destination Airport Aircraft Pilot
C-130 Ramp SO1 KADW C-130 @RyMan
C-130 Ramp SO3 KRND C-130 -
C-130 Ramp SO5 KBAD C-130 -
C-130 Ramp SO7 KSSC C-130 -
C-130 Ramp SO9 KBKF C-130 -
C-130 Ramp SO11 KTIK C-130 -
C-130 Ramp SO13 KLRF C-130 -
C-130 Ramp SO15 KPOB C-130 -
C-130 Ramp SO17 KLFI C-130 -
Attack Aircraft Routes - 9 Gates Remaining
Gate Destination Airport Aircraft Pilot
Claw Ramp C10 KADW A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C11 KRND A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C12 KBAD A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C13 KSSC A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C14 KBKF A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C15 KTIK A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C16 KLRF A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C17 KPOB A-10 Warthog -
Claw Ramp C18 KLFI A-10 Warthog -
Fighter Aircraft Routes - 9 Gates Remaining
Gate Destination Airport Aircraft Pilot
Claw Ramp C10 KADW F-22 -
Claw Ramp C11 KRND F-22 -
Claw Ramp C12 KBAD F-22 -
Claw Ramp C13 KSSC F-22 -
Claw Ramp C14 KBKF F-22 -
Claw Ramp C15 KTIK F-22 -
Claw Ramp C16 KLRF F-22 -
Claw Ramp C17 KPOB F-22 -
Claw Ramp C18 KFFO F-22 -
Additional Gates - 8 Gates Remaining

Don’t see a route you want to fly above? Reply in the thread or PM and I’ll add your flight. Include the following: aircraft (preferably a military aircraft), destination airport and gate.

Gate Destination Airport Aircraft Pilot
Claw Ramp A10 F-16 KSSC @Dr3ambigg3r
Claw Ramp A11 N/A N/A -
Claw Ramp A12 N/A N/A -
Claw Ramp A13 N/A N/A -
Claw Ramp A14 N/A N/A -
Claw Ramp A15 N/A N/A -
Claw Ramp A16 N/A N/A -
Claw Ramp A17 N/A N/A -
Claw Ramp A18 N/A N/A -

I’m willing to add routes. Just reply here in the thread or PM me with the following information: aircraft (preferably a military aircraft), destination airport and gate.


Jacksonville Low Center:


  • Please follow all ATC instructions, failure to do so will result in a Violation

  • Please fly under 260 knots while under 10,000 feet.

  • Have Fun and Enjoy the Event!

  • The Moody AFB livery is recommended when attending this event.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you can attend. 🫑


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I totally forgot I was hosting this event. πŸ’€

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IFGAF will be there for sure!


I might have to push this back a week or 2. Nobody has signed up.

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I will take this one please! :)

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Count me in

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I’ll sign you up right now.

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What gate/aircraft/route did you want?

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FYI: I pushed the date back 2 weeks due to lack of attendence.


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Let’s get some more sign ups!!!

Still interested. Any spot for F-16 ?

Of course. Check the additional gates section. Let me know what aircraft and airport

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Aircraft F16 and airport KSSC

Awesome! You are all signed up for the event!

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Thank you πŸ™πŸΎ

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Event is today. I won’t be able to attend because of work.

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