18JUN22 / 1500Z - Istanbul Fun! @ LTFM

B7 is taken by someone else. Do you mind if I assign you to a gate nearby?

Sorry for the late reply. They use Concourse F for IST-MIA flights.

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Thank you!
Can I use this gate?
I’m looking forward!

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I’m Assuming You Meant Gate D11 but Sure Thing!

@Haydentheavgeek Sorry I just checked my schedule, I’m not able to come, very sorry about it

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No Worries!

Hi can I have B9, I’ll be flying-in from Tripoli-Mitiga (HLLM) to Istanbul (LTFM) with Afriqiyah Airways A359.

Thanks :)

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would like to take this one, i will fly TK 1675, using a A330 to EDDK/Cologne

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This is gonna be awesome it’s more filled than I thought it would be

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Signed You Up!

Signed You Up Too!

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ill take one of the E Gates for a fly out to athens in a A320.

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Assigned You On Gate E1!

Note: For those who are still interested in joining the event, please sign up right now as we will not be adding those who sign up after 1400Z.

Mr Hay DEN.

Can I have a standby gate for VCE with a TY 737?

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signed you up on Gate C1 aitor!

May I get B14 for a fly-in from Copenhagen. The aircraft is a Turkish A333.

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Done! See You There!

Thanks For Joining Everyone, I Really Appreciate your participation! See You In The Next One: 09JUL22 / 0900Z - In & Out Of Bali! @ WADD

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