18JUN22 / 1500Z - Istanbul Fun! @ LTFM

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Let’s Have Some Fun In Istanbul!

Everybody! Welcome To Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, a very beautiful city, but most importantly for us avgeeks, the airport that serves the city (LTFM) is the world’s largest airport. Yes, we will be flying in to or out of Istanbul Airport. It’s not often we get to see this airport busy and that’s the main reason why I decided to host the event since my first Istanbul Event wasn’t a huge success.

Airport: LTFM - Istanbul Airport

Date & Time: 2022-06-18T15:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server

Event Type: Fly-In & Fly-Out

To Reserve A Gate, comment on this topic or PM me along with your desired gate, whether you want to Fly-in to or Fly-out of Istanbul Airport, your Desired Origin/Destination, aircraft type, and Airline.

A Gates - 7 Gates Left

|A3|Fly-Out|Paris CDG|Air France|A320|-|@MikaL|

B Gates - 10 Gates Left

|B8|Fly-Out|New York JFK|Turkish Airlines|B77W|-|@CaptainE|
|B9|Fly-In|Tripoli-Mitiga|Afriqyah Airways|A359|-|@AviatorJW|
|B10|Fly-In|Basel|Turkish Airlines|A321|-|@AviationZyYT|
|B12|Fly-Out|Cologne Bonn|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@Helzluis|
|B13|Fly-Out|Antalya|Turkish Airlines|B77W|-|@Alexian61|
|B14|Fly-In|Copenhagen|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@TristanM|

C Gates - 3 Gates Left

Please Take Note That All C Gates Can Only Be Occupied By Aircraft Up To The A321

|C1|Fly-Out|Venice|Turkish Airlines|B739|-|@IF-Mallorca|

D Gates - Full

|D6|Fly-Out|London LHR|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@CaptainBailey_T|
|D7|Fly-Out|London LHR|British Airways|A320|-|@CaptainE|
|D9|Fly-Out|London LHR|British Airways|B77W|-|@Abby|
|D10|Fly-Out|Seoul ICN|Korean Air|B77W|-|@Parker-Jin|
|D11|Fly-Out|Cape Town|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@RealLukejw|
|D12|Fly-Out|Dublin|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@Avaitor1|
|D13|Fly-Out|Rome|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@Southwest_2115|
|D14|Fly-In|Manila|Turkish Airlines|A359|-|@barrel|
|D15|Fly-Out|Dubai|Turkish Airlines|B77W|-|@Shamalnalluri12|
|D16|Fly-Out|Moscow SVO|Aeroflot|A333|-|@ilyafederov_ru|
|D17|Fly-Out|Talinn|Turkish Airlines|B739|-|@Harrison_EGLL|
|D19|Fly-In & Out|Manchester|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@Maher_Madarati13|
|D20|Fly-Out|Manchester|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@AndrewGraham|

E Gates - 3 Gates Left

Please Take Note That All E Gates Can Only Be Occupied By Aircraft Up To The A321

|E1|Fly-Out|Athens|Aegean Air|A320|-|@the_ding|

F Gates - 12 Gates Left

|F4|Fly-Out|Johannesburg|Turkish Airlines|A333|-|@airbalticcommunity|
|F5|Fly-Out|Manchester|Turkish Airlines|B789|-|@RickysAviationYT|
|F6|Fly-Out|Miami|Turkish Airlines|B77W|-|@AK_Infinite_flight|
|F7|Fly-Out|Denpasar|Turkish Airlines|B789|-|@Haydentheavgeek|

G Gates - 9 Gates Left


Remote Stands - 16 Gates Left


Cargo Aprons - 4 Gates Left

Only Cargo Aircraft are Allowed, more gates will be added if needed


Please Choose A Realistic Route From Flightradar24

If You Wish To Control LTFM, please comment on this topic or PM me along with the frequency(s) you’d like to control. It Would Be Very Much Appreciated.

Frequency Controller
ATIS @Alboma
Ground @Alboma
Tower @Alboma
Approach @JSRibs28
Istanbul Center @JSRibs28

Notice To All Pilots Attending The Event:

  • Please Spawn In To Your Gate 10-15 Minutes Before The Event Starts (Only For Those Who Are Flying-Out Of Istanbul).

  • Please Calculate Your Flight Time To Ensure You Arrive at Istanbul At 1500Z (Only For Those Who Are Flying-In To Istanbul).

  • Please Reduce Your Taxi Speed To Avoid Collisions.

  • Everyone Must Act Professional At All Times.

  • If Your Assigned Gate Has Been Taken By Someone Else, please spawn into/park at an Unoccupied Remote Stand.

  • Please Follow All ATC Instructions.

  • And…Most Importantly, have fun and safe landings!


Can I have D14 for a flight from RPLL? Operated by a Turkish A359

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Signed You Up! See Ya!

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Hello @Haydentheavgeek please edit the date of your event as it is happening in more than 30 days, thank you.

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Hey there. Can I get this gate reserved for a Air France 320 to CDG please?



Is ground, tower, and atis positions available for this event?



They changed it to 60 days I belive

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As stated in About The Events Category, events may be posted up to 60 days before the event date, it used to be 30 days but they updated it.

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Signed You Up!


Yes, they are! Would you like me to reserve them for you?


Sorry about that I didn’t see, my bad, I’ll check my schedule and message to participate in this event!

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I would like to be Tower Ground and ATIS please

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Reserved GTS For You!

Thank you!

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I will take this flyout Turkish a330? To EDIW

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D10 / Fly out / RKSI / Korean Air / B77W Please!

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I’ll take this one for a fly-out as BA675, LTFM to EGLL, on an A320-200 with a flight time of 3 hours and 46 minutes. Thanks

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Signed You Up!

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See You There!

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Sure! Reserved Gate D7 For You!

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