18JUL21 / 1600Z | IFVARB Special Event: Fly the Marg for a Margalicious Farewell @ KDFW

Do we depart when we want to?

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Yep - just having fun in a professional manner. :D

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If i may know, WHat is your callsign?

We haven’t had a close relation with @mwe2187 and I don’t think we really know much about each other, but during my time as a VA’s CEO I clearly remember that for all the issues I’ve had and forwarded to the IFVARB the reply came from your account most of the time. Not sure if that was on purpose or whether you’ve been punished as my messages normally were one of those ‘TL:DR’ types in most cases. LOL

Around this time last year you sent me the follow-up message that my IFVARB Board Member application was unsuccessful. I felt a bit sad to be honest but I thought this was not the right time for me so I’ve just carried on with my IF life.

Things changed considerable since then and I never gave up to be in IFVARB one day and this year’s application turned out to be successful.

It is an honour to be part of the IFVARB team and I can only dream about being such a great member of this team as you are, @mwe2187 ! Thank you for all your hard work, your kind words and everything you’ve done and will do for us, the Infinite Flight Community.

I am late with this message now but as soon as I’ve realised I’ll be off on the day, there was no question to whether I’d fly the Margarita with/for you or not! :)


Callsign: N1JH


wernt you th3 789 that spawned at the opposit end of the terminal
and also ETE is 12:20 am my time so i dont think i will land but i did pay tribute to the Holy Marg :mwe:

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Kind request: Please drop to 9,000ft at the top of the glass, inner side of the rim (3147N/9613W) to avoid collision around the rim. Cheers!

This is too soon. Need to wait until after passing the intersection to start descent.

Actually it won’t matter because the end of the line will pass the intersection before the front gets back to it.

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Hopefully. Or people can adjust as they wish. :D

Preparation (En route):

Ready to drink! Enjoy! :D

Amazing flight! It was great to be part of this! Have a good one everyone! :)


Wow I didnt think I’d land but I did. It was a nice flight and I hope everyone enjoyed

Have a good one, mwe:mwe:

We can despawn right?

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Thank you all for coming!


Great event @Jon_H thoroughly enjoyed it. Tried to figure out the pattern we were creating the whole way haha.

@mwe2187 good luck for your future and whatever it holds for you


I just realised there is a place called Tyler on the Map lol

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