18JUL21 / 1600Z | IFVARB Special Event: Fly the Marg for a Margalicious Farewell @ KDFW

This is a special IFVARB event (with some unconventional fun 👀) to pay tribute to dear @mwe2187, now-former IFVARB Administrator, who stepped down from his Admin role this past week after nearly two years.

Although MWE will continue to contribute to the VA/VO world in other roles, we wish to give him a proper send-off from the IFVARB Admin Team, which he was an important part of.

To read more on that, please head over here →

Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2021-07-18T16:00:00Z2021-07-18T18:30:00Z (subject to slight change)
Airport: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport [KDFW]
Route: Surprise!

This event is open to all VA/VO staff and pilots.

Non-VA IFC members won’t be turned away, of course. ;)

No sign-up is required.
Feel free to drop a comment below to pay tribute to @mwe2187 and help gauge attendance.
Show up with your VA/VO colors in a small or mid size jet
(no props or large aircraft, please.)
All participants are expected to behave professionally on the Expert Server regardless of how much fun this event will be.


This is a special FPL for this special event. However, VAs and VOs are free to do their own fly-out if they wish. This is about appreciating dear MWE by being showing up.

Spawn time: 1545Z
Runways: 17s and 18s OR per ATC/traffic
Aircraft: Any aircraft that has A/P and can maintain 220KIAS
Speed: 220KIAS (take-off/landing at pilot discretion/per ATC instructions)
Altitude: 10,000ft MSL
Separation: Ideally 7-10nm

Expand FPL to Copy

KDFW DAYZZ GADTE BRDEN 3149N/9644W 3150N/9646W 3151N/9649W 3152N/9652W 3152N/9655W 3152N/9659W 3151N/9702W 3150N/9705W 3149N/9708W 3146N/9711W 3144N/9713W 3142N/9714W 3138N/9716W 3135N/9716W 3132N/9715W 3129N/9714W 3125N/9711W 3123N/9708W 3122N/9704W 3122N/9701W 3122N/9655W 3117N/9649W 3116N/9644W 3115N/9641W 3114N/9638W 3114N/9635W 3111N/9634W 3108N/9632W 3105N/9628W 3104N/9625W 3104N/9622W 3055N/9622W 3052N/9622W 3050N/9622W 3048N/9623W 3045N/9626W 3041N/9634W 3039N/9637W 3037N/9637W 3034N/9634W 3033N/9629W 3032N/9625W 3033N/9616W 3034N/9610W 3035N/9602W 3037N/9556W 3041N/9550W 3043N/9550W 3045N/9552W 3046N/9555W 3047N/9601W 3048N/9604W 3049N/9607W 3050N/9608W 3053N/9611W 3058N/9612W 3105N/9613W 3108N/9608W 3110N/9606W 3113N/9604W 3116N/9603W 3119N/9602W 3123N/9553W 3125N/9549W 3129N/9546W 3132N/9544W 3135N/9542W 3138N/9542W 3142N/9542W 3146N/9544W 3149N/9550W 3150N/9554W 3152N/9602W 3152N/9608W 3152N/9625W 3150N/9634W 3149N/9638W 3146N/9643W 3141N/9641W 3137N/9641W 3134N/9643W 3134N/9638W 3134N/9630W 3134N/9622W 3135N/9616W 3137N/9607W 3138N/9557W 3141N/9551W 3144N/9550W 3146N/9553W 3147N/9558W 3147N/9602W 3147N/9608W 3147N/9613W 3147N/9619W 3147N/9623W 3146N/9629W 3144N/9636W 3144N/9641W DRILL PURRS DODJE FORNY SOAAR FOBNU FRSCO FEZTR INWOD GBUSH RW17L KDFW

What does that FPL look like?

Check it out!

*Red circles mark tight turns, but A/P at 220KIAS works out. Good to keep an eye on it.

FPL creation and image courtesy of @Suhas.

Have fun!


Event Planning: The amazing IFVARB Event Team members; special thanks to @suhas and @tajay.
Event Info Banner Image: @plane_guy12 - Thread Link

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(Reserved for additional info if needed.)

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Nice to see such an initiative. Thanks for organising and see y’all there!

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This is gonna be awesome! Thanks @mwe2187 for helping me with my 1000 questions! I know that you have done loads more for me and others that you didn’t need to do and we all appreciate it.

On to new beginnings ❤️


That banner makes me shed a tear, so beautiful


Appreciate everything you have done to contribute to a safe and enjoyable VA environment, best of luck with future ventures!

Hope you get the send off you deserve!

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OH wow, I remember in my VA staff days @mwe2187 helped a lot In the IFVARB slack (Anybody remember slack?). Its sad to see him stepping down. I wish him well on his future endeavours


Is it because of your emoji there? It served slack well

Thank you for everything you’ve done @mwe2187. You helped the VA community grow and expand to new horizons. And all of us are grateful for what you did, Thank you!


Hey @mwe2187 I’d like to thank you for everything you did for all of the current, past and future VAs including mine, Fresh Air Connect Virtual. I will be there representing Fresh Air Connect Virtual and hoping some of our staff and pilots can make it along also to bid farewell and show our appreciation to you.

Kind Regards and all the best for your future.

Jason G

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MWE is a legend.


MWE is such a great person. He has helped many of us on our VAs, and He has made many contributions for AVAL. I must say that Access Air Virtual is happy to sign up for this to honor the great person who helped us get to where we are now


Thanks MWE for everything he’s done, it’s been great! He has been very helpful within IFVARB and helping out with Airbus Virtual, we’re very appreciative of that. All the best and hope to still see you around as a board member!

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Wow this is awesome, I love how the community comes together, and by the way, congratulations MWE, 2 years serving the IFC community.

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Hey Man,

Most of us, we take things for granted - and really don’t think about all the impeccable work that goes on behind the scenes. The effort, skill, and pure dedication that is required for this position is with without exception, the most demanding - even in the toughest times. On this day, we shall never forget what has been forgotten, and we shall never forget those who have built the world we thrive on.

On this day, in this world, and in one time. We thank the one who has given most of his live towards the development of one of the most crucial and arguably the most recognized part of the IFC. mwe, you have done a great deed to this community, and to yourself - we are all very proud of you.

In the past years of your service, and all the revolutionary work you have produced, there is honestly nothing, and nothing at all that would rival your accomplishments, and your funny, kind, and proactive personality. All of us in the VA community thank you for helping all these years, and we all look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I also wish you the best of luck on your life endeavors, and if you need anything, I am here for you man - it’s the least I can do.

On a side note, one thing I noticed from you that really made you unique, is that in times of need, you stepped up without hesitation, and got the job done. With that said, from a financial perspective, with these traits, I can not see nothing less than a financially successful investment banker in the works. Keep thriving, and with the proactive, and leadership skill set you have to offer, and I can tell you without a doubt, I will see you at a firm with unlimited margaritas every day. :)

Have a good one man, and try to sleep in tomorrow, because it’s margarita/chill time (semi-retirement) - lol. 😎🤣


(Your Bro) AviatorMan 😎

P.S. I will be escorting you tomorrow so be expecting me. 😂

Also, thank you to our other VARB staff members, and your service. Trust me, it also will not go unnoticed. 😉


Flightplan and other details posted above!

Wondering about the FPL? 👇

Congratulations, it's a Marg!

Hop in and show some love!

On behalf of the entire IFVARB family,


woah We are going to make some sharppppppp turns

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Works great at 220KIAS. ;)


Me rembering i cant go in a F-16i know we have to come in a small mid size jet
ohhhh thats greeeeeaaaaaaaat

@mwe2187 . Thanks for all your time spent helping make IF such an enjoyable place to “play”. See you in the skies!

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