18JUL20 / 1200Z - EGNX-KJFK Covid-19 PPE

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, I have decided that it’s a good idea to run a standard A330 flight from East Midlands-New Yorks JFK international airport in support of those that have had issues with the Covid-19 in America, these flights are standard at the moment between EMA and JFK

Server: Expert

Airport: EGNX

Time: 1200Z

Aircraft A330 DHL or 757 DHL

Flight time
757-200: Around 8:02 minutes
A330-300: Around 7:47 Minutes

Flight Plan EGNX D270A EMW D162G D162D UTOGU D345M 5609N 5611N 5613N 5615N 5617N 5619N 5621N H5421 5422N 5324N OMRUM LEXAK EBLIT KBOS R1454 BEDAS TRCCY WULUG BLAND MADLE ZULAB R0535 KJFK (Thats for a 27 Departure and a 31R arrival)

ATC The active ATC will all depend on the ATC schedule for that week, I cannot confirm anything, if it is active we will use it, please be responsible with it as well.

Cargo 114
Cargo 112
Cargo 111
Cargo 110
Cargo 109
Cargo 108
Cargo 107
Cargo 106
Cargo 105
Cargo 104
Cargo 103
Cargo 101
Cargo 100
Cargo 120
Cargo 121
Cargo 122
Cargo 123
Cargo 124
Cargo 125
Cargo 200
Cargo 201
Cargo 202
Cargo 203

Their all the DHL cargo gates up above.

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Is it EGNX or EGLL?
Title says EGNX but description says EGLL

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EGNX, My apologies, I realized it needed changing but forgot to change it, It been changed now

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