18JUL / 1530Z - Remembering those we have lost; MH17 @ EHAM to WMKK

Hello guys!

Coming up is the sixth year since Malaysian Flight 17.


Malaysian 17 was a Malaysian Airlines 777-200 ER flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was unfortunately shot down while flying over Ukraine. On July 17th, we will be remembering this flight. Join us in remembering the passengers and crew who unfortunately passed away on this flight.

Basic Info

Server : Expert

Airport : EHAM to WMKK

Time : 2020-07-18T15:30:00Z

Flight Time : 12 hours

Please respond by telling your gate and your callsign.


G3 - @Jaedon_Johnson
G4 - @anon38496261
G5 - @FlyCymru101
G6 -
G7 -
G8 -
G9 -
F3 -
F4 -
F5 -
F6 -
F7 -
F8 -
F9 -

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Malaysian 777

Special Thanks too @anon38496261 for making this thread!


I’ll join in any gate. It’s important to remember those we’ve lost. :(

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Approx. How long is the flight?

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12 hours. Probably less.

Oh wait, then I can’t join. Sorry.

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Darn I’d love to but I’m picking up an RV in the afternoon :/

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ohhh. No Problem. Its fine.

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Events in 17 days! Sign up while you can!

Do we have to use 777, any gate please:)

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In real life MH17 is 777-200er.So we have to use the 772. btw Thank you for joining. :D

Looks good, did you know mh17 was on the same date as twa800?

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Do want a gate?

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