18JAN21 / 0200Z - Los Angeles to Manila @ KLAX to RPLL

18JAN21 / 0200Z - Los Angeles - Manila @ KLAX - RPLL

  • Aircraft and Livery: Philippine Airlines Airbus A350-900

  • Route: Los Angeles (KLAX) - Manila (RPLL)

  • Time of Departure: 2021-01-18T02:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server

Additional Information:

  • Please spawn in 10-15 minutes prior to departure.

  • Push back one minute prior to the scheduled departure time.

  • Spawn in at any TB International Gates.

  • Copy flight plan from me, @Cooper_Marcukaitis. Callsign will be PAL1060 Heavy.

  • Estimated flight time is 15 hours.

  • Runway will be determined by IFATC.

  • Cruising altitude and speed will be FL320 at Mach 0.85.

  • Remain at or below 250 kts until above FL100, at or below 300 kts until FL240, then proceed to cruise speed.

  • IFATC will be present in Los Angeles and Manila, so please pay attention and follow all instructions given by them!!

  • Please let me know if you will be attending! Thanks :)

Pilots Attending
Pilot Callsign
@Cooper_Marcukaitis PAL1060 Heavy
@tjb0709 PAL0709 Heavy
@Luke_B PAL103 Heavy

Please use caution and act in a responsible manner.

Feel free to ask any questions or give suggestions. Thanks and I hope this will be a great flight!


Nice event & picture!
Still thinking whether I will make it but put me down anyway PAL0709 Heavy

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Thanks! Sure thing, will do.

I’m not assigning pilot slots or gates. It’s just to track who may be coming so I can then put them in a DM. Anyone is free to join even if they don’t say so on the thread.

Huh? The slot is fine.

@Cooper_Marcukaitis i’m in

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Sweet! I’ll cya soon.

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Callsign will be PAL103 Heavy if ya wanna put it down

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Alr, will do.

Nevermind sorry dude.

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It’s okay. No problem :)

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1 hour and 15 minutes until departure!
Please let me know if you will be joining. Thx!

Less than 45 minutes until departure!!!
Anyone else want to join?

20 minutes until departure!!!
If you are attending, let me know ASAP!

Any specific gates?

150 gates recommended.

Alright, thank u

Flight plan is complete! Feel free to copy. Fuel and load is up to y’all. Just consider atc delays and headwinds.

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Do we pushback at 9?

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Will push 1 min prior to 9.

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