18FEB22 / 1530Z - Airforce One Escort @ EGLL - Training Server

I will be departing EGLL @ 1530 flying to LFPG with AIR FORCE ONE.

Security Detail required, recommend long distance military aircraft.

Will be based at EGLL Terminal 2B, Remote Gate 251, callsign AIRFORCE 1.

Callsign should be USAF (Whatever choice)

Copy Flight Plan from Air Force 1.

Thank you

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Pls add the server also

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Added in header, but it is Training server.

Thank you :)

Oh, didn’t saw that. My bad… Nice idea btw

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Thank you, will you be joining?

Make sure it is a Military aircraft, maybe try USAF.

Sorry, I will prepare for the FNF. I will (hopefully) control Ground at KLAX tonight

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what FNF Server will you be on?

Expert Server

Sadly, I have 1 too many violations to get back into expert server :(

Naughty boi!

Oh no, for what reason was the the violation?

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Overspeed, and I was on the loo when it happened!

Are we using super hornets?

I also have 1 too many violations, I’m not allowed back on expert server until this Sunday, I accidentally entered the runway without permission.

Can do, I am currently in the air at the moment, approaching Englands South Coast. Fly in any military aircraft you wish.

How was your ground / T/O? 😉

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Really professional! Pity I had, and still have no military escorts! Hope we don’t get blown up…


Wished for ya until the last second 🤷🏼‍♂️

Maybe next time!

Thank you

Perhaps, I will give more notice next time! I may divert to EGLL due to the wind.

Yeah! Windy and gusty this morning!

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Are you flying today? Or remaining ATC?