18FEB22 / 1300Z - Destination New York ! @ KJFK

I’d say the 20th on 0200Z

Around 1700 zulu

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Around 1400 zulu

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Sure ETA 11:40 Terminal 1 Gate 08

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One more question is times which has published are all zulu ? For example when I click on moscow time is 10:00

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All modifications will be changer today ! Thanks you

My flight will be on the 18th of February

Boeing 777-300ER
Callsign : United 236 Heavy
Time at KJFK : 14:00
Terminal 4B Gate : 27

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Can i have this one?

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Hello everybody ! Requests are busy. If, you don’t see your Flight in The table, don’t worry.
I will change that in 2 days about. Thanks for waiting!

@Anthony_Ferreiras ; @Cihan37 ; @Fourthnebula919 ; @turkishcaptain_batu ; @Spark-1908 ; @FN60fps :

To help manage your requests as well as possible, please fill out correctly the survey above, If your request has been taken into account, you will have to change your vote to “will participate”, and not to “interested”. In order to be able to check the number of participants, and their flights.

If this is not done, I would also be grateful if you could specify:
the date of arrival, the time (if possible), the boarding gate, and finally the place of origin.
You have about a week left to add changes to your flight, registrations will be made until D-1. Beyond this period, your request will unfortunately not be taken into consideration.

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I will land on 18 februari and want gate A4 if it is possible.

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Hey just a question can I do the flight with the ER rather than the LR

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It’s entirely possible ! I change that.

@Harrison_EGLL @Fourthnebula919 @canton @Spark-1908 @turkishcaptain_batu @Cihan37
and anyone wishing to participate :

You have three days left to make your final changes to your flights, with the registration deadline being Wednesday 09/02.
Beyond this period, the changes you wish to make will no longer be taken into account.
I advise you to :

  • Check your dates and indicate the approximate time of arrival (Reminder: the event will last 3 days);
  • To modify your poll (if it is not done) in “Will participate”, to confirm your presence;
  • And to request (if you wish), registration with the ATC (ground,
    control tower, approach and departure).

To allow me to better manage your requests, I invite you to check these parameters.
Thank you !


Reason why I chose the 20th is that I am hosting a event the time this one starts

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Also, Make a Group PM

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You did well. You are marked for the 20!

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Me thé A388 Air France from LFPG pls

Of course ! Did you check the poll above ?

Yes I cheked

Please click on “Will participate”