18FEB22 / 1300Z - Destination New York ! @ KJFK

from kjfk to london

Sorry I can’t come but I might be able on at 0330Z or something like at the 20th if I am able to

Yes, of course! The event lasts for three days. You have ample time!

Ok, you’re registered ! Just can you specify the date pls ? And that’s all !

the 20th i don’t know the exact time but I will probably be leaving two hours before now

OK, can you tell me which flight you’ve chosen, or is it the 20th?
Is it this one : B742 - South African - FAOR → 20 ?

the one from KJFK EGLL i will be flying it on the 20th of febuary

Ah ok ! You’re already registered, I note you come to the 20th of February.
That’s ok ! Tks to participate !

On The 18th of February will be my flight to Riyadh

KJFK-OERK Saudia 777-300ER
Callsign : Saudia 22 Heavy
Time at KJFK : 17:00
Terminal 1
Gate : G07

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I would like
Gate B39
Airline: Delta
Aircraft : A330-300
From: Atlanta

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This seems fun it’s my home airport

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I would fly KDTW → KJFK American Airlines (B739) 18 Feb

I forgot to mention callsign delta 348

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Hey I would like this one.
I will probably be coming on the the 19th but idk for sure and I also will be arriving a little early because of my time zone

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You’re registered ! Just could you give me the Date & Hour please ?

What a coincidence ! Do you want to participe ?

Yes, of course ! You’re registered. When you can, could you give me the hour of arrival ?

Yes, of course ! You’re registered ! But can you tell me the approximate time of arrival, and gate please ?