18FEB22 / 1030Z - The Chubu Centrair Flyout @RJGG [COMPLETED]

The Chubu Centrair Flyout

**Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport, also known as Chubu Centrair Airport, is a airport located in Ise Bay, Tokoname City in a artificial island 35KM South of the Nagoya CBD, the capital of the Aichi Prefecture in Central Japan.

About Nagoya

Event Info

Server: Expert
Airport: Chubu Centrair Airport (RJGG)
Time and Date2022-02-18T10:30:00Z2022-02-18T12:30:00Z

Domestic Terminal
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
Gate 2 A321 ANA Fukuoka ANVA Reserved
Gate 3 A320 Peach Chitose ANVA Reserved
Gate 4 A321 ANA Haneda ANVA Reserved @Toukaneki
Gate 5 737 JAL Express Chitose @Abhijit_Sharma
Gate 6 737 JAL Express Narita
Gate 7 737 JAL Express Haneda
Gate 8 A320 Peach Sendai ANVA Reserved
Gate 9 A320 JetStar JP Fukuoka @harrytzo
Gate 10 A320 JetStar JP Naha
Gate 11 DH Q400 ANA Wings Nagasaki ANVA Reserved
Gate 12 A320 Peach Ishigaki ANVA Reserved
Gate 201 Dash Q400 ANA Wings Kagoshima ANVA Reserved
Gate 202 A320 JetStar JPN Kagoshima
Gate 203 Dash Q400 ANA Wings Miyazaki ANVA Reserved
Gate 204 A320 Peach Naha ANVA Reserved
Gate 205 Dash Q400 ANA Wings Sendai ANVA Reserved
Gate 206 Dash Q400 ANA Wings Fukuoka ANVA Reserved
International Terminal
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
Gate 14 A359 Delta Detroit @maruetsu_Fish90
Gate 15 A321 Asiana Incheon
Gate 16 A333 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong
Gate 16A A321 Cebu Pacific Manila
Gate 17 B77W Korean Seoul
Gate 18 A350 Finnair Helsinki
Gate 19 A333 Lufthansa Frankfurt
Gate 20 A321 Philippines Manila
Gate 21 A333 Singapore Airlines Changi
Gate 22 A339 Thai AirAsia X Bangkok Don-Mueang
Gate 23 A319 TigerAir Taiwan Taipei / Kaohsiung
Gate 24 B737 / B738 United Guam
Gate 25 772 American (Old Livery) Chicago O’Hare
Gate 26 772 United San Francisco @canton
Gate 27 78X Etihad Abu Dhabi @Bparker268
Gate 28 77W Emirates Dubai @Yuto_mealer
Gate 301 772 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Gate 302 77W Garuda Jakarta / Bali
Gate 303 789 JAL Paris
Gate 304 A321 Eva Taipei
Gate 305 A321 Vietnam Airlines Hanoi
Gate 306 757 Delta Honolulu
Gate 400 789 Thai Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

NOTE: Gates 401-408, 500 - 508 are Spare Remote Gates and can be used if your aircraft cannot fit your assigned gate

Cargo Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
Cargo 101 77F / B748F AirBridgeCargo Moscow Sheremetyevo
Cargo 102 77F DHL Anchorage
Cargo 103 77F DHL Cincinnati
Cargo 104 77F DHL Hong Kong
Cargo 105 77F DHL Taipei Taoyuan
Cargo 106 77F DHL Leipzig / Halle
Cargo 107 77F DHL Charleston (SC)


Nagoya Departure:
Fukuoka Centre:


  • I will not be responsible for any violations issued

  • If there is no ATC use Unicom professionally

  • Follow ATC instructions at all times

  • Your FPL at your discretion

  • Please Pushback, while giving way to other aircraft

  • People may choose other routes as long as it’s Realistic

  • The event will go for 2hrs so people may come at any time


@ANAVirtualGroup can you try to reserve gates here? Thanks

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The Flyout may contain historical routes to maximise as many routes as possible without using unrealistic aircraft to RL destinations as they are not in IF


At least some signups anyone?

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The event goes from 1030Z - 1230Z so make sure to join!!

Let’s do it

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Ok sure, I have booked your flight

Come on! We need more signups as the event is in 7 days


Hey can I do this but with delta

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Sorry, I want to be realistic in this event, you can choose anything as long as it’s realistic

Look here @Spark-1908

Ok I inderstood

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So you want the United 737?

I can take this one

And I searched flight conections and a flight to Honolulu was not there

Well, they operated before and I DID include a sentence saying historical routes are added lol

Ok and am I signed up

Yes you are, just @ you on the post
Remember to put going on the calendar to confirm you are

More signups will be appreciated! We only have 3😅

I’m seems a bit dead but don’t loose hope

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