18FEB2023 / 1700Z - The Massive Atlanta Flyout! @KATL (CANCELED DUE TO CLOSED TOPIC)

Hello everyone and welcome to The Massive Atlanta Flyout! Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the worlds busiest airport, and the main airline is Delta. Serving hundreds of destinations around the world, Atlanta’s most popular route is to Orlando, FL (KMCO). This event will not have any gate assignments, so come on and fill the gates! Invite all of your friends and lets have a good time!

Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL)
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States Of America
Server: Expert Server
Time And Date: 2023-02-18T17:00:00Z

Ground: Open
Tower: Open
ATIS: Open
Departure: Open
Atlanta Center: Open

  • I am not responsible for any violations.
  • Follow all IFATC instructions.
  • If no ATC is present, please use UNICOM wisely and professionally.
  • No trolling, as this is the Expert Server. Trolls will be reported and possibly violated.
  • Realistic flying including using real-world routes and aircrafts is encoruaged, but not required.
  • Have fun!

Currently, there are no sponsors for this event. If any VA is interested in sponsoring this event, please PM me.

Please click “Going” if you plan on attending this event.


just found a small error in the event information section, surely the event is not today at 9AM

I will go ahead and change that asap! Thanks for the report!

little event bump

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