18DEC22 | Let’s Fill LaGuardia! @KLGA

Hey there IFC! For this event, we’ll be flying out of the Big Apple, more specifically LaGuardia! With the brand new terminals, LGA has turned into one of the best airports in the US! I hope you enjoy the event, see you there!

LaGuardia Airport is a civil airport in East Elmhurst, Queens, New York City. Covering 680 acres as of 24 August 2022, the facility was established in 1929 and began operating as a public airport in 1939. It is named after former New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia. Credit

Gate Map

Airport Chart

Terminal A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
A01 Frontier KATL A320
A02 Frontier KMIA A320
A03 Frontier KMCO A320
A04 Spirit KFLL A321
A05 Spirit KDTW A320
A06 Spirit KDFW A321
Terminal B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
D01 American KORD 737-800
D02 American KDTW E175
D03 American CYYZ E175
D04 American KCLT 737-800
D05 American KATL A321 @harrisonsauter111
D07 American KBNA A319
D10 American KRIC E175
24 American CYUL E175
25 American KDCA E175 @EnthusiasticAviation
26 American KMIA A321 @john_frank
27 American KDFW 737-800
28 American KJAC A319 @United403
29 American KRDU A319
30 American KEYW E175
31 American KORF E175
46 United KIAD E175
45 United KORD 737-700
44 United KIAH A320
43 United KDEN A320
42 jetBlue KBOS E190 @TheAirplaneBoy3520
41 jetBlue KBNA A320
40 jetBlue KFLL A320 @AviationJack
59 jetBlue KMCO A320
58 jetBlue KTPA A320 @Justin_Betances
57 jetBlue KRSW A320
56 Southwest KMDW 737-800
55 Southwest KDEN 737-800 @Drxw
54 Southwest KDAL 737-800
53 Southwest KHOU 737-700
52 Southwest KTPA 737-700
51 Southwest KBNA 737-800
49 Southwest KATL 737-700
48 Air Canada CYYZ E175 @JMacMcd
47 Air Canada CYUL E175 @Bay_Area_Aviation
Terminal C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
C29 Delta KRIC CRJ-700
C30 Delta KPVD CRJ-700
C31 Delta KBUF CRJ-900
C32 Delta KATL A320 @Juan_Williams
C34 Delta KDCA E175 @Southwest_2115
C35 Delta KORD A220-300
C37 Delta KMSP A319
C38 Delta KDTW A320
C39 Delta KDEN 737-800
C41 Westjet CYYZ 737-700 @Mr_A1B3RT
26A Delta KPIT CRJ-900
26B Delta KMKE CRJ-900
26C Delta KOKC CRJ-900
26D Delta KCLT CRJ-900
D06 Delta KMIA 737-800
D07 Delta KDFW A220-300
D08 Delta KIAH A220-300
D09 Delta KBOS E175
D10 Delta KRDU A220-300 @Ken_wei
D11 Delta KMSY A220-300
92 Delta KMCO A321
93 Delta KRSW A220-300
94 Delta KFLL 737-800
95 Delta KPBI A220-300
96 Delta KSRQ A220-300
97 Delta KCLE E175
98 Delta KSTL CRJ-900
Frequency Controller
ATIS @Jesus_Gutierrez
Ground @Jesus_Gutierrez
Tower @Jesus_Gutierrez

Time: 2022-12-18T17:00:00Z
Location: KLGA

  • Expect longer wait times due to one runway
  • If ATC is present, please respect the controller and follow all instructions
  • I am not liable for any ATC violations given
  • If you would like to fly a route that is not posted, please let me know

A special thanks to @Rolls for all of the graphics above!

I hope to see many of you attend, safe flying!


Can I sort of “Sponsor” your event with mine? Here is the link Evacuating Reagan | 18DEC22

It is a DCA event and there is a possibility people may fly to LGA

Isn’t your event 10 hours later 😂

Technically yes. And I forgot about that but I have considered moving it faster as it feels late for me.

I think i’ll just stick to my own. 👍🏻

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Alright then! I hope to join too. Looks interesting.


Love LGA expect me to join

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@LongHaulGuy may I put my LGA event here? Mine is on the 4th

I will take this!

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That’s self advertising, so no. Sorry!

All signed up!

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I’ll take this please! Thank you! :)

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so there’s two LGA events within a span of 2 weeks?

edit: i see they’re on different servers, nvm

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Hey! I can do ATC if you’d like. I’m currently an IFATC. I love controlling LGA

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I may do my own route but either way the gate I selected is my gate!

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@Mr_A1B3RT @Jesus_Gutierrez All set folks!


Let’s get some more signups! Plenty of gates to fill!

Can I do this but as an e175?

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@harrisonsauter111 Got you signed up!

Well it won’t hurt because my event is before yours anyway and your stealing my people so therefor it’s fair is I put mine here