18DEC22 | 1500Z | Massive Istanbul Flyout @LTFM DEPARTED

Gracias mon ami. Yes, I know that was Spanish/French lmao


Could possibly have a tentative spot here for a Turkish Airlines A330-300 to Kigali? I do not know my plans yet for that day as I will be in the UK but I can confirm closer to the time. Please let me know if you need this gate and I can try and make my call when needed.

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Roger that! I’ll sign you up

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Perfect, thank you!

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Let’s get some more sign ups

Wow, this has been quite successful. BRAVO!

[quote=“United403, post:1, topic:736832”]
[/quote] Turkish 787-9 To Miami ^^

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek ill sign you up shortly

Is there a problem with that?

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I mean it is a realistic route, so there definitely should not be! Very creative and interesting with some beautiful scenery coming down over the mountains too!


He didnt sign up for that.

Huh? My flight is to Kigali, I am very confused now.

Wrong user.

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Probably, but no worries!

Welp I’m so sorry, my mistake and apologies

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No worries at all mate, no need to apologise, was just slightly confused haha

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Ahhh, don’t worry about it

I won’t!! Thanks for signing up

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Let’s keep filling Istanbul!!!