18DEC21 / 2000Z - LSZH imaginary flyout @LSZH

Since all others are occupied

But im ready to put all remotes who are signed up. Up to dock E if there are some free gates

If I am able to get an untaken gate on dock E on the day of the event that would be great, but if not
I’ll be grateful if you could put me down for that second block in january.

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In the mean time I guess ill take F73

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Let’s get some more Signups

I’ve always wondered why SWISS doesn’t use the 747 or 380. they seem to have a sufficient amount of tourism to use such airplanes.

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Yes they would have the capacity to fly an A380 but only on few routes. It wouldn’t make sense in term of finances and maintenance.

They actually used alot of 747s in the past

They also thought about getting the 787-9 or the A350-900, but they decided to get the 777W for replacement to the A343 which they didn’t quite do. Still 10 A340s are in the air.
I think it’s possible that were going to se this happen with the replacement for the A330

Also can i sign you up for a Flight on the 18th December ✌️✌️

ahh, yes, I knew that. but I was talking about modern day. but I also see that there is a great level of economy to be gained using light twins like the Airbus 330 or Boeing 767/777

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Yeah and fuel efficiency
But you as a pilot know that better than me ✈️✈️

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haha as a plane spotter it is much more enjoyable to see an airplane with 4 engines than 2

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For me not actually i don’t really like the A340 or other smaller quads

But the queen of skies is the queen of akies

Photo taken 2019 at LSZH

Can I fly the 787-10 to Abu Dhabi, gate F74? (Etihad)

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If only there was an a340-500 in the game with the Swiss livery it will make it more awesome


Why do you want it f when its E53?

Definitely and also edelweiss

Can i offer you a gate

Surprised there’s no easyJet

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is going to be a thing in january obviously

I’ll take this one, please:

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Awesome event! I’ll take this gate please! :)

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Thanks I’ll sign you up real quick

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