18DEC21 / 2000Z - LSZH imaginary flyout @LSZH


Welcome to LSZH

LSZH is the biggest airport in Switzerland. in 2019, the last “true” year before the Pandemic, Zurich international airport was used by 31 million people, either for getting home or away but also for passing through.

Zurich serves as main Hub for Swiss. The maintenance center is also in Zurich. Zurich has three Terminals. Terminal 1 or also called Dock A and Terminal B called Dock B are both used for so called Schengen routes. the newly built Dock E is used for Non Schengen flights.


About Zurich

Zurich is the biggest city of Switzerland. Zurich is home to around 400‘000 people, the surrounding area has 1.3 million inhabitants. The City itself is a very unique and beautiful city. In Zurich there are a lot of different Shops or Activities.

Runway Diagram

Event Rules

Be aware of your surrounding area all the time. Expect mistakes possibly made by other pilots or ATC, accept those if they’re happening. Don’t troll others who want to fly. Use a realistic Callsign e.g. - BeeLine 292- . Taxi on straight shouldn’t exceed over 25kts. for turns wich messure 90 degrees or more a speed of 10 kts shouldn’t be exceeded.

Otherwise have fun!!


Frequency Controller
Atis @Speedbird2276Heavy
Ground @Speedbird2276Heavy
Departure -
Tower @Speedbird2276Heavy


Information to Gates-> The gates i gave to the different Airlines aren’t made of personal preference. I filled up the whole place, nearly every gate is occupied.

Dock A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A03 KLM Cityhopper E190 Rotterdam @Olgend049
A05 Aegan A320 Athens @11138
A07 Tarom A318 Bucharest -
A09 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin @Dylan.Winklosky
A11 S7 A320 Moscow Domodedovo -
A13 Austrian Dash-8 Graz -
A15 LOT E170 Warsaw -
A17 Air Europa E195 Madrid -
A57 Luxair B737 Luxemburg -
A42 Croatian A319 Zagreb -
A44 SAS A319 Stockholm -
A02 Finnair A321 Helsinki -
A04 Vueling A320 Barcelona -
A48 Austrian A321 Vienna -
A08 Tap A320 Lisbon -
A10 Aeroflot A320 St Petersburg -
Dock B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B31 Air France A320 Paris -
B35 KLM B737 Amsterdam -
B39 Ukrainian B739 Kyiv -
B43 Icelandair B757 Reykjavik @AndrewGraham
B34 Iberia A333 Madrid @Connor.CHARLES
B38 Turkish A333 Istanbul -
Remote Aprons H&I
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
H12 FlyBe Dash-8 Birmingham -
H81 Belavia Crj-200 Minsk -
H82 Iberia Crj-900 Madrid -
I1 Air Baltic Dash-8 Riga -
I2 Malev Dash-8 Budapest -
I3 Widroe Dash-8 Bergen -
Dock E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E19 Korean Air 777-300Er Seoul -
E20 Malaysian A359 Kuala Lumpur -
E23 Oman Air A333 Muscat -
E26 Philippines A359 Manila -
E27 Air Mauritius A339 Port Louis -
E34 Vietnam Airlines B789 Hanoi -
E35 Cathay Pacific A359 Hong Kong -
E42 Azul A339 Rio de Janeiro -
E43 Thai B747 Bangkok -
E46 Latam 777-300Er Santiago @swiss0129
E47 Air India 788 Mumbai -
E52 ANA 777-300Er Tokyo -
E53 Etihad 78X Abu Dhabi @Nathanael_Uecker
E56 Swiss A333 Boston @CaptainE
E57 Qatar A359 Doha -
E58 British A321 London @Rohann
E62 Tunisair A319 Tunis -
E64 EgyptAir B738 Cairo -
E67 Emirates A388 Dubai @Ksm_King_storm
Apron P
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
P31 Azerbaijan A319 Baku -
P32 MEA A321 Beirut -
P33 El Al B738 Tel Aviv -
P34 Cabo Verde B757 Praia -
P35 Air Astana B757 Almaty -
P36 Uzbekistan Airways B757 Tashkent -
P37 Royal air Maroc B738 Marrakech -
Aprons C, D,T &W
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D2 Rwand air A333 Kigali -
D4 Air Senegal A339 Dakar -
D7 Ghana Airways B757 Accra -
D10 Taag Angola B777-200 Luanda -
D13 Air Austral B788 Saint-Denis -
D16 Kenya Airways B788 Nairobi -
C50 Sri Lankan A333 Colombo -
C52 PIA B777-200lr Islamabad -
C55 AeroMexico B789 Mexico-City -
C57 Avianca B789 Bogotà -
C60 Kuwait B777-300Er Kuwait City -
T54 Royal Jordanian B789 Amman -
T55 Qantas B789 Darwin @MainSky
T61 South African A346 Johannesburg -
T64 Saudia B777-300Er Ryadh @HUMVEE
W23 China Southern B789 Guangzhou -
W22 Xiamen B789 Xiamen -
W21 EVA Air B78X Taiwan -
W41 Iraqi B777-200Lr Baghdad -
W42 Lybian A320 Tripoli -
Apron F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F72 Pilots Coice - - -
F73 Pilots Coice - - -
F74 Pilots Coice - - -
F75 Pilots Coice - - -

Sense behind this Event

So the imaginary flyout on the evening of the 18 December ist Part 1 of an doubleheader at LSZH. The second part will be in January 2022 with only real routes and very specific gate positions. I’m doing my little boy Idea which is like following. Swiss’s new Hub will be Geneva, all those Low-cost airlines as EasyJet or Wizz are moving up To Basel Mulhouse, and Zurich is going to be an Intercontinental Airport which serves commercial flight to all six continents of the World.


B43 icelandair to Reykjavik please

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Sure you’re signed up
Welcome to Zurich

I recommend everyone to wait till all flights are added to the event.!

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Ready to fly to the capital ✌️

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I’ll sign you up

All flights are added

sign me up for GTS!

Wdym? With Gts

He wants to say he will provide ATC for ground and tower @Swiss0129

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Thanks for the explanation

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Il sign you up

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Do you want to fly too?

Oh yeah forgot to tell you that. Will fly to EGLL

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You’re signed up

Don’t forget to tell your friends😀

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Sure will do that 😀

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I’m also ATIS 🙂

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Hey I would like to have the Flight to Dubai with the Emirates A388

Can I please take this for a pilots choice gate. I was also wondering if I could take an unreserved gate for one the dock gates when the event happens since the F aprons are to small for an A333 and I cant spawn in on expert server?

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This flight is going to be in the second block in January. I can reserve it for you then or add it but you’re going to get an remote apron