18DEC21 / 1700Z - A Very Blue Welcoming @KBOS

Boston to Denver

After a long-anticipated wait, Infinite Flight’s latest development work has been released to the customers: the Airbus A220-300. With a beautiful fuel efficiency and exterior model, the A220 was a clear choice for U.S leisure travel airline JetBlue.

The JetBlue A220-300 is seated with the airline’s newest In-Flight Entertainment model, as well as being suited with the unique 2-3 cabin configuration. WIth a range of 6,297KM / 3,400NM, the A220 is able to tend to transcontinental flights, as well as serve the lower-demand local routes from hub to hub. With 11 of the type in the fleet already, the airline is looking to replace all of the former Embraer E190 jets by 2026.

Boston serves as one of the carrier’s main East Coast hubs, with destinations ranging from the 6-hour trek to Los Angeles, to the 90 minute hops between New England cities, the city of Boston certainly plays a major role in the success of JetBlue.

Some 1,700 miles away lies the city of Denver, a midwestern metropolis that has been playing a significant role in the country since the Old West. Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States, surpassing the runner-up by over double the land area. Being a popular holiday vacation destination, Denver is surely a fantastic place to fly to with a new aircraft.

From 2020 to 2021, by what percentage did passenger traffic rise in Denver?

  • 22%
  • 20%
  • 5%
  • 33%

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Event Details

Server: Expert
Route: KBOS → KDEN
Aircraft: JetBlue A220-300

NOTAMS: All pilots are required to comply with Air Traffic Controllers and their commands. Failure to do so may result in reports. All pilot errors are the liability of the pilots themselves.


jetBlue Airways operates out of Terminal C in Boston. Departure gates will be assigned closer to the event. There are a limited amount of attendees that can be accepted due to the low amount of gates and the expected amount of pilots.

If you can attend, send a reply down below and I’ll try to add you to the list.

Attendees (2/23):



KBOS Local: @JSRibs28


Can’t wait fly that bird!

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I’ll take a gate! Thanks Pingu!

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Added to the list, thanks for coming!

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Event cancelled