18DEC2022 The Ice Cold Juneau Fly Out @PAJN

Can’t attend anymore:(

Wow, this event starts an hour after @avaitor1 is back from his suspension.


Gate 01|Alaska|737-900|Anchorage|
Can I take this wave 1

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@Avaitor1 will get you down shortly

Wave 2 - Gate 01|Alaska|737-900|Anchorage||


Alright got ya down

Please start spawning

done 10 characters

@Avaitor1 when do you want atc to come?

now I would say or?

I am just spawining in

What is the departure runway

Departing runway is 08 according to FR24

We can use runway 8

@JMacMcd @Bay_Area_Aviation

Please spawn in

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@AmericanB772 is in the cessna

Hey! Can i have the second wave to Sitka? Thanks!

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Yep no problem

Just for entertainment!