18DEC20 / 2000Z - My first flight in the 757 since BETA! Phoenix to Chicago | @KPHX-KORD (FNF)

17DEC / 2330Z - Phoenix to Chicago @ KPHX-KORD

  • Aircraft and Livery : American Air Lines Boeing 757-200
  • Route : Phoenix (KPHX) - Chicago (KORD)
  • Time of Departure : 2020-12-18T20:00:00Z
  • Server : Expert Server
  • Fuel : Around 6 hours
  • Cruising Altitude :FL350
  • Cruising Speed :Mack .81


  • Please spawn in 10-15 minutes prior to departure.
  • Push back one minute prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Copy flight plan from me, @nolan_brant12 and my calsign will be AAL1060.
  • Estimated flight time is 3 hours 30 minutes. (Expect a Delay because ORD is main hub today)
  • Will most likely be using Runway 25R then make a right turn and continue on to Chicago. (Possibility of changing)
  • Cruising altitude and speed will be FL3 at Mach 0.81.
  • Remain at or below 250 kts until above FL100, move to 315kts after FL100, then proceed to cruise speed at FL280
  • IFATC is at ORD, so please pay attention and follow all instructions given by them!!
  • Please let me know if you will be attending! Thanks :)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
A22 American B752 Chicago (KORD)
A24 American B752 Chicago (KORD)
A26 American B752 Chicago (KORD) @nolan_brant12
A29 American B752 Chicago (KORD)
A30 American B752 Chicago (KORD)


Please use caution and act in a responsible manner.

Please feel free to ask any questions or give suggestions. Thanks and I hope this will be a great flight!


If you join, we will be PARKING at terminal K. I am planning on arriving at gate K10 or K12.

Hey there!

You can’t assign gates in your #live:groupflights topic. You can however assign them in the groupflight PM

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Okay, is it okay if I switch it to live/events?

I would stay in this category for now since the event is today

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ok, yeah, you usually do live/groupflights when its on the day of the event.

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Time change to 1PM central time instead of 2PM central time.

Wish I could come but I have something to do in about 3 hours.

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