18AUG21 / 0700Z OMDB fly out @ OMDB - VRMM

Aircraft and Livery: 777-300ER and Emirates

Route: OMDB-VRM!

Time of departure: 0400Z

Server: Training


Can you give me UTC time? Maybe I can join

I might be able to join if I can finish my school work in time. I will let you know soon if I can join!

Pushback will be at quarter past

UTC is same as Zulu time

I think its this

Please heart this msg if your attending

I am ot attending as i have school

Delayed so ppl can make it

Hi, I’m so sorry I don’t think I will be able to make it.

Ok, no problem at all! Have a good day

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Thanks, if you are still doing it then have a nice flight!

Spawn in pls

Can u spawn in now

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nope i cant do a 4hr flight sorry

Can me and my brother come? And is it AM or PM

It is delayed until tmrw

If you wanna come I would love it

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