18AUG20 / 2240Z - WestJet's Trans-Atlantic 737 @ CYYT to EIDW

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Hi All! This flight is a Trans-Atlantic flight from St. John’s, Canada to Dublin, Ireland operated by WestJet’s 737-700 in real life!

This route is a seasonal route that has now stopped service as of 2020.

Flight Time - 5:00 2020-08-18T22:40:00Z2020-08-19T03:40:00Z

Aircraft & Livery - WestJet 737-700

Route and Destination - CYYT to EIDW (Copy my FPL)

Flight Information - We will be levelled off for the first 2/3 of the flight at FL370. We will then step-climb to FL390 at a waypoint I announce in the FPl.

Route Information

Operated by WestJet is a Trans-Atlantic flight from St. John’s located in Canada to Dublin, Ireland. This flight is known at WJA16 and WJA17 on the return flight.

About St. John’s, Canada

Located in the Province of New Brunswick is the small town of St. John’s with a population of 126,000. It was established in 1785 making it the oldest town in Canada. It was the main import city in the early 1800s and late 1700s.St. John’s is known for being the first Canadian town for many things such as Isolation Centers, Hospitals, Industries, and more. It’s also known as the “Port City” for the many ships that go in and out of it.

About Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is located in the Northwestern part of Europe in the country of Ireland. The capital city has a population of 1.0 million. It was originally a Viking City in the early 7th Century AD and is the largest city in Ireland.


🤨 about 900,000 off there. 😂
Also please make sure to use terminal 1 at Dublin!
Sorry, just really picky. 😂
Northern half of the airport, basically.

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They use gate 302 at Dublin.

And I misclicked the 9 instead of the 0. Oop-

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One hour till pushback!

I’m in See you there

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Hi all, I changed the pushback time to 2240Z instead due to a few things popped up just before :)

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