18APR21 / 1700Z - The Flyout by the Bay @ KSFO

Welcome to the Flyout by the Bay, hosted by @Mukundan_Srivatsa. The name of this flyout comes from one of San Francisco’s most popular nicknames, “The City by the Bay”. This event will take place at San Francisco International airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, and in Infinite Flight. All event information, NOTAMs, and partners are listed below. Hope to see you there!

Date and Time: 2021-04-18T17:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Location: San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)

About San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport is the main airport serving the San Francisco Bay Area, supplemented by Metro Oakland International Airport and San Jose International Airport. It is the second busiest airport in the state of California, and one of the top 10 busiest in the United States. SFO boasts many connections across the globe, as well as many regional flights such as the 10 minute hop from SFO to STS and ultra long hauls like the 17 Hour Journey from SFO to BLR. SFO is an ideal airport for a flyout given the number of airlines that fly there, the diverse list of destinations, and the airport capacity. For more information on SFO, refer to these sources below:

Aircraft or Destination Change May be Provided on Request

International Terminal Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
A01B Aeromexico 737-700 Mexico City MMMX @Avianca05
A02 Westjet 737-800 Calgary CYYC
A03 British Airways 787-9 London (Heathrow) EGLL
A04 Cathay Pacific A350-900 Hong Kong VHHH
A05 Finnair A350-900 Helsinki EFHK @Pilot_Aaltonen
A06 El Al 787-10 Tel Aviv LLBG
A07 Emirates 777-300ER Dubai OMDB @Mafiaviation
A08 KLM 787-9 Amsterdam EHAM
A09 Korean Air 787-9 Seoul RKSI
A10 Qantas 787-9 Sydney YSSY
A11 Qatar A350-900 Doha OTHH
A12 Air France 777-300ER Paris LFPG

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
B22 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas KLAS
B23 Southwest 737-700 Phoenix KPHX
B24 Southwest 737-800 Chicago (Midway) KMDW @airplaneboi
B25 Southwest 737-800 Denver KDEN @SWA1997
B26 Southwest 737-700 San Diego KSAN
B27 Southwest 737-700 Burbank KBUR @Nightt
B28 Southwest 737-700 Los Angeles KLAX @Tyduz
C40 American A321 Charlotte KCLT
C41 American A321 New York (JFK) KJFK
C42 American 737-800 Chicago (O’Hare) KORD @Da-la_nay
C43 American A321 Dallas-Fort Worth KDFW
C44 American A321 Miami KMIA
C45A American A321 Philadelphia KPHL
C46 JetBlue A321 New York (JFK) KJFK
C47 JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale KFLL
C48 JetBlue A320 Boston KBOS

Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
D50A Delta 737-900 Atlanta KATL
D50B Delta 737-800 Salt Lake City KSLC
D51A Delta CRJ-700 Los Angeles KLAX @bbhusty
D51B Delta 737-900 Detroit KDTW
D52 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle KSEA
D53 Alaska Airlines 737-800 Portland KPDX @bbrockairbus
D54A Alaska Airlines 737-900 Newark KEWR
D54B Alaska Airlines 737-800 Orange County KSNA @Hops_the_Rabbit
D55 Alaska Airlines 737-800 San Diego KSAN
D56A Alaska Airlines 737-800 Honolulu PHNL
D56B Alaska Airlines 737-800 Kahului PHOG
D57 Alaska Airlines 737-800 Austin KAUS
D58A Alaska Airlines 737-900 Boston KBOS
D58B Alaska Airlines 737-800 Anchorage PANC
D59 Alaska Airlines 737-800 Los Angeles KLAX

Terminal 3
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
E60 United 737-700 New Orleans KMSY
E61 United 737-800 Lihue PHLI @NuggetFornia
E62 United A320 Austin KAUS
E63 United 737-800 Boston KBOS
E64 United 737-900 Orlando KMCO
E65 United A320 Portland KPDX
E66 United 737-900 San Diego KSAN
E67 United A320 Seattle KSEA
E68 United 737-700 Las Vegas KLAS
E69 United 737-900 Kona PHKO
F70 United (Skywest) CRJ-200 Albuquerque KABQ
F71A United (Skywest) CRJ-700 Aspen KASE @Flightistic
F71B United (Skywest) E170 Eagle County KEGE
F72 United A320 Phoenix KPHX
F73 United 737-700 Salt Lake City KSLC
F74 United A320 Los Angeles KLAX
F75 United 737-800 Los Angeles KLAX
F76 United (Skywest) E170 Jackson Hole KJAC
F77A United (Skywest) CRJ2 Boise KBOI
F77B United (Skywest) E170 Bozeman KBZN
F77C United (Skywest) CRJ2 Palm Springs KPSP
F79 United (Skywest) CRJ2 Sonoma County KSTS
F80 United 777-200ER Honolulu PHNL @Antonio10231
F81 United 777-200ER Kahului PHOG @captain_trooper
F82 United 787-9 Washington (Dulles) KIAD
F83 United 757-200 Houston Intercontinental KIAH @Zachsurf
F84 United 737-800 Los Angeles KLAX UVAL Reserved
F85 United 777-200ER Denver KDEN @zion89
F86 United 787-10 Newark KEWR @Mukundan_Srivatsa
F87 United 777-300ER Newark KEWR UVAL Reserved
F88 United 757-200 Chicago (O’Hare) KORD @Deltadev13
F89 United 787-9 Chicago (O’Hare) KORD @Populeux_Music
F90 United 737-800 Washington (Dulles) KIAD

International Terminal Concourse G
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
G91 United 787-9 Tokyo (Narita) RJAA UVAL Reserved
G92 United 787-9 London (Heathrow) EGLL UVAL Reserved
G93 United 737-900 Cancun MMUN @Southwest0012
G94 EVA Air 777-300ER Taipei RCTP
G95 Air Canada 787-9 Toronto CYYZ
G96 Air China 747-8 Beijing (Capital) ZBAA
G97 Air India 777-300ER Delhi VIDP @Dip_Prajapati
G98 Air India 777-200LR Bengaluru VOBL @Ritesh321
G99X Lufthansa A350-900 Frankfurt EDDF @Qatari777YT
G100 ANA 787-10 Tokyo (Haneda) RJTT
G101 Singapore A350-900 Singapore WSSS
G102 Swiss 777-300ER Zurich LSZH @ran

Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
Cargo Apron 50-01 FedEx MD-11F Memphis KMEM
Cargo Apron 50-02 EVA Air Cargo 777-200F Anchorage PANC
Cargo Apron 50-03 EVA Air Cargo 777-200F Taipei RCTP
Cargo Apron 50-04 Nippon Cargo 747-8F Tokyo (Narita) RJAA
Cargo Apron 50-05 DHL 777-200F Cincinnati KCVG
Cargo Apron 50-06 Korean Air Cargo 777-200F Seoul RKSI
Cargo Apron 50-07 DHL 777-200F Los Angeles KLAX

Maintenance Apron (International Flights)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Dest. ICAO Pilot
Maintenance Apron North 41-03 SAS A350-900 Copenhagen EKCH
Maintenance Apron North 41-04 Turkish Airlines 777-300ER Istanbul LTFM
Maintenance Apron North 41-05 Westjet 737-800 Calgary CYYC
Maintenance Apron North 41-06 Aer Lingus A350-900 Dublin EIDW
Maintenance Apron North 41-08 Avianca A320 San Salvador MSLP
Maintenance Apron North 41-09 China Eastern A350-900 Shanghai (Pudong) ZSPD
Maintenance Apron North 41-10 Japan Airlines 787-9 Tokyo (Haneda) RJTT
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 02 United 787-9 Auckland NZAA
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 03 United 777-200ER Guam PGUM
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 04 United 777-300ER Taipei RCTP
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 05 United 737-900 Cancun MMUN
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 06 United A320 Puerto Vallarta MMPR
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 06A United 787-9 Frankfurt EDDF
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 07A United 787-9 Chengdu ZUUU
United Airlines Maintenance Apron North 08A United 787-9 Melbourne YMML

Spawn 15 Minutes Before Scheduled Event Time
Be Courteous Towards Fellow Pilots and ATC (If Present)
Use the Airport Chart if Needed

Airport Chart

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I’ll take this gate

Really nice thread!

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I would like this one pls as Southwest 588VA


United 777-200ER Denver KDEN

Can I have this gate


@bbrockairbus, you are signed up! Enjoy your flight to Portland!!

@SWA1997, you are signed up for Southwest! Enjoy the flight across the west to The Mile High City!

@zion89, you have been signed up to Denver. Have fun taking the wide body 777 on a short haul!


thank you @Mukundan_Srivatsa


Thanks @Mukundan_Srivatsa


Ill take this one!

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I’ll take this gate!

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@Nightt, you have been signed up! Enjoy your flight up to the Pacific Northwest!

@Flightistic, you are signed up! Enjoy the flight to snowy Aspen, and the challenging approach!


CAn i get this gate?

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I’ll take this one please :)


@Ritesh321, you are signed up! Enjoy the ultra long haul to Bengaluru!

@ran, thanks for joining! Enjoy the transatlantic flight to beautiful Zurich!


Can I take this gate? Thank you in advance

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I’ll take this guy, UVAL83


@Zachsurf, you have been signed up! Enjoy the flight to beautiful Kona!

@Deltadev13, you are signed up! Have fun taking the 757 for a ride to the windy city!


I would like to fly to Lihue

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Book me air india 777-300 to Delhi (AIVA119)
Gate - G97

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@NuggetFornia, you are signed up! Enjoy the flight to Lihue!

@Dip_Prajapati, you have been signed up! Have fun on the long haul to Delhi!

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San Francisco has more dogs than children!

Let’s get some more signups!