188 violations in one flight

So i was flying from Trondheim to kos. Put the ap on
I was sick that Day so i feel asleep, when i woke up i had ran out of fuel and crashed

Callsign is speedbird 950 Heavy and display name bremnes


Hey please post this in #support and i shall get a mod to help (i see one typing all ready)

What is your callsign?

This is a known issue.

Please make sure your app is updated to the latest version as a hotfix was released to address these issues.


I saw another case of this today but with 400 vios and don’t worry they removed them. We just require

I think we should leave this to Chris for now

Edit: look as like comments have been removed

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@Linox, you should be all good now. Please restart your app and check again.

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