185,000 Ft

In my latest zoom climb altitude attempt, I reached an altitude of 180,000 ft. Once at maximum altitude, I switched to the free cam, and used it to boost my altitude by another 5000 ft or so. I then zoomed out to give a wide viewing angle. Finally i changed the time to noon, June 21st to give the best lighting possible. The resulting photos are so amazing that i believe they deserve their own, dedicated forum post. They were taken over Glasgow, Scotland, and as a result of the altitude, it is possible to see the entire United Kingdom and Republic Of Ireland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Facing South, you can see England, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Republic Of Ireland, and The Isle Of Man with ease. The northern coastlines of France, Belgium and The Netherlands are just on the horizon.

Looking north, almost all of Scotland is visible. The Faroe Islands and Norway are just visible.

The snow-capped mountains of Norway are clearly visible in this zoomed in shot.

And finally, a photo of the moon, because who doesn’t like the moon?


Those Are Beautiful photos! What aircraft did you use to get to the altitude?

I have got crazy high I will show you photos

Mostl likely the F-22. Fastest plane in the game I believe.

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I used the F-22. Took off from Southampton with 100% fuel, and flew north at full throttle. A few minutes later, just over Glasgow, at 33,000ft travelling at Mach 3.4, I went vertical.

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That must have been with the ZUGU glitch…


Amazing pictures! Impressive altitude as well, highest I have gotten without bugs is 170,000ft. Really shows off the high quality scenery of Infinite Flight. These photos are so amazing that I highly suggest putting them here:

“Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are.”


@David_Beckett MaxSez; “Well Done”!

FYI ; Concerning Ireland, it states that its official names are Éire and Ireland; its official name in English is Ireland; its country code is IE; and its former abbreviation was IRL. It also adds the following guidance: “NB: Do not use ‘Republic of Ireland’ nor ‘Irish Republic’.” Erin go bra! (Wiki)


Wow! Great pictures! Really shows how beautiful our planet really is, and we can experience it all from our phone or tablet. Amazing, isn’t it? :)

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It also shows just how much of a game changer the global update was. They could have just stuck with the old, pre global rendering, but they didn’t.


Still very confused on how IF is better than most desktop simulators

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Nope with the VNSP glitch


No one has stated IF is better than desktop sims. IF is running on a platform which is limited in hardware to that of the PC platform so of course, some things aren’t as good. For a full fledged simulator, most would go to a PC sim but Infinite Flight serves a different purpose which is to bring flight simulation to the mobile market, where some people may not want the full experience or simply don’t have the hardware to do so.


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Absolutely stunning photos. Really brings into perspective how big our world is and how beautiful it is!!!

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