180 passengers narrowly escape disaster

On 9th October and indigo airlines A320 had an narrow escape at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi intl airport after pilots detected a vehicle on the runway during takeoff. They had to apply emergency brakes and abort takeoff to avoid collision. An investigation has been ordered by the airport authorities.

Now I don’t know if this is just some small news or something serious. I think this was an serious error by the airport staff. Risking lives of 180 passengers should result in some serious consequences for the responsible party. Let me know what you think could’ve been the culprit down below.

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Wow thats scary. This reminds me of the video with the E145(?) that took off and a van crossing the runway.

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Do you have a link?


That’s a big oof

I saw this a few months ago.

While this is unfortunate, aviation incident happen everyday at every hour. Please refrain from posting these as they clog up the forum! Thanks

Time to crack down on incident topics.