18 hour flight singapore - new york

G’day everyone. I am organising an Group Flight event! I will be flying singapore to new york in the a350-900 singapore airlines. Do you want to fly with me to New York?

Join my flight!

Singapore airlines


Departure time : 04:30ZULU [12:30 singapore]
Arrival time : 22:30ZULU [17:30 New York]

Flight time : 18 hours

Atc is needed this event. If you want to join this flight you can say it in the commends or send me a PM. I will add you soon as possible in this group flight thread. If you want to be a controller you need to send a PM. One controller for Singapore and one controller for New york.

Boarding time is 60 - 120 min before departure time. So be on time at singapore airport.

Gate / terminal : N/A

I am going to sleep. Please join 1 - 2 hours before departure if you join this flight!

this isnt domestic…the longest US domestic is from Boston to Honolulu.

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Thank you for letting me know. ;)

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Now better! :)

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this flight is the longest revenue i believe.

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