18 Hour Flight in the Dash-8 Q400

Hello IFC. Last Tuesday, I decided that I wanted to replicate a US Army surveillance flight in the Dash-8. I started my trip off at KHEF and circled around KHGR for a couple of hours before continuing onto other airports (not apart of the Army flight). I had to land and refuel about 3-4 times.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400
Livery: Generic
Flight Time: 18:46

Taking off from KHEF

Landing at KSSC w/ @Dr3ambigg3r in the back

On the downwind for landing @ KADW w/ DCA in the background

On final into Davison Army Airfield

Parking in the hangars @ KMYR

Pit stop @ KCLT


very cool flight and great photos! keep it up :D

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Nice working!! I like your photos👍

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Amazing! Nice airport hopping!

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Sweet! I spotted you the other day as you were south of Davison. Didn’t take notice of your flight time though

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Interesting airport hoping and nice photos! Keep it up👍

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Man thanks for the shout out, and stopping by The Barn aka KSSC. The pictures came out so clean. Till next time 🙏🏾🐍🪖

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I’m in love with the Q400 🥰

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Yeah, I especially love taxing with it. The landing gear is so wide in relation to the wingspan, it doesn’t even matter if you made a fast turn