18 hour flight around Chicago: Can we set a new record?

Hello everyone, I’m back with giving myself a massive challenge…

Can I fly around Chicago in a span of 18 hours? Yes, as long as I stay at around 4,000 feet (ASL) and I keep an air speed of just 160 knots, the flight will take a very long amount of time.

Also, I’m not going to sleep at all, but I’m not going to stay on the IFC to update you for the whole flight.

If you want to copy the fpl and follow me, or just check in and admire the flight itself, please enjoy! Have a great evening everyone!


18 hours without sleep sure will take a toll on you. Help your body out, and do get some rest, it’ll thank you later :) Besides the sleep, have fun flying around Chicago for 18 hours. I suggest looking at @AndrewRG10 comment below.


Maybe install the liveflight connect app to do the autonav for you.


That’s my backup plan actually, lol.

@Moosehead08 In the likely situation I do go to sleep during the flight, I’m going to use autonav on Live Flight.


You should sleep. If you have a PC you can set liveflight to fly for you. No one will know ;)


Yeah, I think I might do that.

Just to put into perspective how long the flight will be, I’m still doing the first of many circles. In fact I’ve only traveled a little bit above 300 miles of the 3,000+.

How do I do that?


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Nice one. I like the idea

I never heard of that…
What does it and where can I get it?

Again, I would recommend you share your feat in the IF records topic instead of posting new topics.


I thought an hour flight was long… 😪 Anyways Good Luck!!!


No. it’s a thread to notify people of an upcoming achievement tracking thread which people can follow.

@Lars all you need is a PC and Infinite Flight connect.

Thank you for the information!

Ignore my first post, it’s just that I’m offline.

Here are some images of my flight right now:


IMG_E0897 (1)

dont go for 18 hours, that wont set any records
go for 24 hours, then you beat the old record by 1 minute

Yeah, I’m going to go for that after I know I can complete an 18 hour flight.


did 23 hours good luck m8


How is it going? You’ve got about 4 more hours to go. Also, why are you disconnected?