[18 gates remaining, 7 attending] Fill the airport San Antonio Flyout@KSAT-261900ZJAN19


Flight Info

Server: Training

Time: January 26, 2019 8:00 PM



We will be trying to fill SAT airport. An airport that has routes that allow you to connect almost anywhere you want.

Also: I apologize greatly for the mistakes made while making this event. I have corrected them an please let me know if there is anything else I need to do

If you want a route that isn’t available please let me know, group PM will be available closer to the event

All Gates

Terminal A (11 gates remaining)

A1: Alaska 737-900 KSAT-KSEA @EverettM
A2: Delta crj-700 KSAT-KMSP
A3: Delta a320 KSAT-KSLC
A4: Frontier KSAT-KDEN
A5: Delta a321 KSAT-KATL
A6: Delta a319 KSAT-KJFK
A7: Delta E170 KSAT-KLAX
A8: Volaris a319 KSAT-MMGL @xXDuhItzMacXx
A9: Aeromexico 737-700 KSAT- MMMX
A10: Allegiant a320 KSAT-KSFB
A11: Southwest 737-700 KSAT-KDEN @Luke_Sta
A12: Southwest 737-800 KSAT-KBWI @JeromeJ
A13: Southwest 737-700 KSAT- KMCO
A14: Southwest 737-700 KSAT-KOAK

Terminal B (5 gates left)

B1: American KSAT-KMIA
B2: American 737-800 KSAT-KORD @Matthew_20204
B3: United a320 KSAT-KORD
B4: American a320 KSAT-KCLT
B5: United 737-900 KSAT-KIAH @esant_15
B6: American 737-800 KSAT-KDFW @TheTyGuy426
B7: United a320 KSAT-KIAD
B8: United a320 KSAT-KEWR



General Aviation
  1. TBM 930 KSAT-
  2. TBM 930 KSAT-
  3. C172 KSAT-
  4. C130 KSAT-KDFW @BadJokes101

Ground: @Delta319
Tower: @Delta319

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Patience please I’m still working on this.


Please check this thread on how to format your event thread:


He knows, he is just still making it.


I know, I’m giving him a reference.


Ah, that’s good. Was this a mistake? Because that’s fine, but generally let’s finish first…


Are we still working?


Probably, I mean he has updated the title at least


Yes I am continuing working.


Hey, it is best to make it before posting and editing, so next time write everything as possible before you post it so more people are likely to join.


I did this on my first event as well. It is OK


Ok I’m done now


Routes are now available come get a gate. Also date change.


Uhh the event happened in jan this year well that means it has happened already !!?? (ps i know it was a mistake)


I will take any Southwest gate to Denver.


You’ve got it, I’ve also changed the server


Aren’t you going to take a gate?


Alright I guess


Hey @KPIT and @hi15td there are gates waiting for you. 🤗


I’d love to, but we have a trip planned that weekend I think, if I’m wrong I’ll let you know…